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Greenwich Goldstein Concedes - Official Press Release:

PRESS RELEASE: August 12, 2022

(Greenwich, CT) – On August 11, 2022, Dr. Michael Goldstein M.D., J.D., Candidate for Congress for Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District issued his thoughts on Tuesday’s primary on his Facebook page:

We consider our race as a victory with a small v. To say we were an Underdog is an understatement. As a citizen with no-name recognition, we challenged a seasoned politician with party support and recognition among voters that historically show up at primaries.

Each obstacle in our way strengthened our resolve to double down and fight harder. We were not the party's choice. Instead, we appealed to the people. We petitioned to get on the primary ballot and made history as that has not been accomplished in 50 years or more.

To achieve what we did yesterday is impressive with almost 40 percent of the tallied vote in less than 3 months. We won the towns of Greenwich, Bridgeport, Easton and Oxford, which are some of the most geographically, politically and socio-economically diverse towns in the District and came close in Stamford. Those Common Sense Conservatives made their voices heard by supporting an unknown citizen/physician candidate that reached out to them and made an impact. Our Team also wants to congratulate Leora Levy and Dominic Rapini in their races, a further demonstration of a changing voter base that supported us. I spoke to Jayme and congratulated her about the votes she received.

I think the following note received from a supporter sums it up:

"We also wanted to extend a huge thank you to Dr. Goldstein for stepping up to represent We The People in his very inspiring run ... [H]e captured the hearts and minds of thousands of people across the State of Connecticut, especially because of his strong stance on medical freedom. We know exactly how difficult it is to find the courage to fight back against medical tyranny, and feel lucky knowing that we have so many brave freedom fighters, like Dr. Goldstein, among us."

I know our race and our grass-roots efforts will have a significant impact well beyond this primary as we gained so much momentum over such a short period of time. Frankly, it is the only key to winning in November across the ballot to appeal to the unaffiliated and disenfranchised voters. I support the Republican Party and Jayme this November.

I want to especially thank the Greenwich Republicans for their unwavering support in the petition process and their selfless dedication at the primary along with our incredible team of volunteers. They were instrumental in our hometown win.

Dr. Michael T. Goldstein M.D., J.D.

For inquiries regarding this press release please contact Dr. Michael Goldstein’s Campaign Manager, Jonathan Goldstein at or by phone at 914-980-9696.



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