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Greenwich Public Schools and Controversial “Trevor” Project.

Did you know that guidance counselors in the Greenwich Public School district have access to a host of support programs which they make available to students and families by providing links to other organizations?

These organizations include familiar names like the National 911 Program, the 988 Suicide and Crisis Helpline and the Crisis Text Line.

But also included in the list is the controversial group, The Trevor Project, a group that says, “Gender-affirming care for LGBTQ youth is also suicide prevention.” 

Gender-affirming care includes the use of irreversible puberty blocking drugs, the same drugs used to chemically castrate sex offenders, cross-sex hormones and experimental surgeries to remove sex organs and even sometimes to try to create new ones in their place (e.g., vaginoplasty, phalloplasty).  People who use these experimental practices become medical patients for life, and often face challenging, and even life-threatening complications.

Do you remember the progressive whistleblower from the St. Louis pediatric gender clinic who spoke about the facility’s trans treatments, revealing that what she saw was “morally and medically appalling”?

Did you realize that 4 out of 5 children experiencing gender dysphoria will "grow out of it” according to Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, a Finnish expert on transgenderism?  “It is not justified to tell the parents of young people identifying as transgender that a young person is at risk of suicide without medical treatments and that the danger can be alleviated with gender reassignment,” Dr. Kaltiala said.

Have you been watching detransitioner Chloe Cole’s heart-wrenching testimony before Congress?

But the Trevor Project wants parents to ignore all of that, and instead think that if they do not rush to “affirm" their child’s new identity, that the result will be suicide.

Parents have even gone undercover to investigate The Trevor Chatroom, and revealed shocking results.

One undercover report found that Trevor Space shared misinformation about detransitioning, and referred to doctors who are open to detransitioning as being “transphobic”.  

Another undercover mom experienced depravity in the Trevor trans youth chatroom, including "sexually perverse content, aggressive gender-reassignment referrals, adults encouraging minors to hide their transitions from their parents and many troubled kids in need of psychological counseling,” according to the NY Post.

Why would such a controversial group be included on the list of recommended organizations that Greenwich school counselors use for students who may be in crisis? Are parents notified if a guidance counselor recommends The Trevor Project to their child?  Or does that remain between the counselor and the student?

And it’s not just the schools in Greenwich that might refer at-risk youth to The Trevor Project… the Greenwich Suicide Postvention Response Team organized by the Town also refers kids to The Trevor Project.  

Sure makes you wonder if it's time to rethink those relationships, doesn't it?

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