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Kudos to “KC Burke” on for that wonderful tag line. It is so good I need to write an article about it. The context concerns a number of wackadoodle, so-called, Shakespearean scholars who have called for no longer teaching Shakespeare because his works are so thoroughly misognynist, racist, and every other woke term that he must be cast into the darkness. Of course, these dingbats masquerading as scholars prove to be pin-headed ideologues who fail to remember what cancels out their nonsense. A quick search on “Shakespeare quotes about hate” instantly turns up a treasure troveof references which contradict these demented “experts”. It lists 30. There are likely more.

Taken together, his quotes on hatred show far greater subtlety. It is a subtlety that cannot be captured by the coarse and unrefined minds of these so called Shakespearean scholars. Put in its simplest terms, every hate hides a love, every love hides a hate. Yeah, that kind of perfect emotional symmetry exists. You just need to have enough consciousness to find it. The two quotes below show they Shakespeare is on their side. He is just more honest about it.

“Hate pollutes the mind” “If the masses can love without knowing why, they also hate without much foundation.” The second quote should be especially poignant for these social justice Shakespeare-haters. As so-called educators, they should be able to appreciate what their job requires them to accomplish. Worse, simply rejecting hate without understanding hate accomplishes nothing.Shakespeare’s perspective is an honesty that can incorporate the contradictions and inconsistencies of life. These “scholars”, not so much.

For those who really appreciate Shakespeare, we find those moments where a quote, a line, a thought, just startles you and makes you think in ways you have never done in your life. You are becoming educated.Conversely, these “scholars” are endorsing even greater ignorance in education by seeking to eliminate Shakespeare. By no means does “diverse” and “inclusive” mean as good as Shakespeare, or superior to Shakespeare. These are very weak and thin standards to apply to the breadth and depth of literary knowledge; pretty disgusting actually.While these “scholars” wallow in their social justice pablum, those who can learn from Shakespeare are able to go into the world with an enlightened appreciation of human failings.

There is no gain by reflexively accusing people of being racists because they like Shakespeare, when you know nothing of what they think, their life experiences, or what is in their heart. But these loony tune social justice warriors go ahead and do it anyway. This quote, attributed to Juliet, of Romeo and Juliet fame should properly bend their atrophied minds: “Not proud you have, but thankful that you have. Proud can I never be of what I hate, but thankful even for hate that is meant love.”

The only shortcoming here is that these cretin-scholars can’t even get to the last two words of the quote. For they have no love in their hearts. Where have they proclaimed any love for anything. No, it’s all hate from them; hate manufactured according to the production standards of Marxist theory.

Are English teachers just more gullible than others?This alarming article, in the New York Post points out that a group called the School Library Journal has received notice from a number of teachers who are rejected Shakespeare.

The article cites Ayanna Thompson, a professor of English at Arizona State University.To complain about “whiteness”, to decry claims of Shakespeare’s grasp of the human condition and substitute it with cultural Marxist clap trap is a sad comment and explains the continued dumbing down of American education.Moreover, this assault is little different from attacking Mark Twain, or Harriett Beecher Stowe, or anyone else who is pre-2000 as a writer. Henry Miller, for crying out loud, was the writer feminists loved to hate because they thought he hated women.

What distinguished Henry Miller was his brutal honesty. The well-remembered writers are the ones who are honest. And note is more well-remembered than Shakespeare.So it is that these cultural Marxists are attempting to storm the stage in order to put forth their sound and fury signifying nothing. If that is the case, then I refer to the title of this article: We need to readjust the lighting.

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