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Where to even start with this whole disgusting mess. The propaganda, the gaslighting, the psyops - all directed at you, the average citizen. The increasing stream of information is becoming a flooding river of toxic and destructive revelations about the extent of the “covid hoax” visited on the public. Meantime, the evidence grows that the people are being subjected to a global bait-and-switch. So, two different things are happening at the same time: 1) The truth about the hoax is being revealed, 2) The government imposes ever more tyrannical standards on the public – the worst being the “vaccine” passports.

The Covid Hoax Strip-Tease:

The whole truth about the covid hoax continues to be slowly revealed like a strip-tease. Two curiously similar comments are book ends. The first is from a member of the so-called FDA Advisory Panel on giving covid “vaccines” to children between 5-11 years of age. The second was the admission by a president of Bayer that they had to lie about the covid “vaccine”.

Dr. Ruben served on the FDA Advisory Panel for approving this for 5-11 years, and he gave the quote of all times by stating “we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.” Excuse me? Well, the link above is to the Washington Post article that tries to excuse the inexcusable by “putting it in context.” Dear Washington Post, there is no “context”. Pfizer had submitted SAFETY data for consideration by the panel – SAFETY data. Do you get it? There should be no need to do further testing for safety if you consider the results by Pfizer to be adequate for determining approval. Well, gee whizz, look at that. Dr. Rubin said more testing for safety is needed. Approval for safety by the FDA is predicated, even under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), is that the data is adequate – even if EUAs set lower safety standards . So, Dr. Ruben’s special form of pretzel logic requires the kind of contradictory statement he made. The real answer? The “vaccine” is not safe and it never should have been approved – yet they did. Corruption, the lowest worst form of corruption that has no problem with killing children. You are evil, Dr. Ruben.

Not long after, at an annual conference called the World Health Summit, the President of Bayer’s Pharmceuticals Division, Stefan Oelrich, made a statement even worse than Dr. Ruben’s but every bit as evil.

He stated publicly that they had to lie about the mRNA genetic therapy by calling it a vaccine. Otherwise it would have been rejected by public. It is worth noting that just prior to the “pandemic”, Johns Hopkins had issued a study about a “war game” simulation about a world wide pandemic.

Unconfirmed report of the arrest of the CEO of Pfizer. According to a website,, on Friday, Nov. 5th. The CEO of Pfizer, A. Bourla was arrested by the FBI and removed from his home in Scarsdale, NY. He is charged with lying about the “vaccines”, among other things. It should be noted that this arrest happened shortly after Project Veritas released a number of whistleblower videos featuring a variety of Pfizer employees. It remains to be seen, but the fact that these happened so close to each other in time is very suggestive of a connection.

The PfizerLeak video series from Project Veritas made clear that the company has covered up and otherwise suppressed an incredible range of damning information about their “vaccine”.

A website,, has been devoted to breaking the news and cutting through the extensive deceit over the “vaccines”. A recent article focused on the lies about safety of these “vaccines” for pregnancies. The main contention of this article was that the original data claiming safety which was submitted to the FDA failed to make clear that the “vaccine” was given to women who were so far along in their pregnancies that a miscarriage would be impossible. Instead, if you focused on the segment of this clinical population within 6-10 weeks of conception, the rate of miscarriage was not 12%, as originally published, but 82%. Now, one has to be careful because there was a similar Norwegian study that claimed 5% miscarriage. That is considered unusually low. One point is that this was a “letter to the editor” making this claim. That has a lower scientific standard for peer review than an actual research study. Nonetheless, these conflicting results will have to be sorted out by experts.

Pysops to make people compliant – organized since the 60s, working slowly, bit by bit…we have to stop you because you are creating the problems….alternative eating methods….alt energy, etc. - gaslighting

Unprecedented Suppression of Facts –

government and media, right from the start, have engaged in outright deceit. Those who have studied the history of Dr. Fauci’s comments on hydroxychloroquine will appreciate how two-faced he has been over the course of more than several years. It is clear he has been self-serving in his inconsistent opinions and claims. For many, that was the beginning of not trusting the government.

Dr. Vernon Coleman, a medical doctor and popular writer, wanted to debate anyone about the misrepresentations from day one. No doctor has sold more books on science than Dr. Coleman. No one would debate him. It is a pattern that has been repeated over and over. Where ever critics challenged government policy on the facts of the “pandemic”, their “experts” ran in the other direction. Dr. Coleman asserted that this has never happened before in history. This suppression of debate and demonization continues to hide the truth. Meantime, individuals have been suppressed by Facebook, Google, Twitter along with other information media.

Add to that the ongoing misreporting of “covid deaths”. It remains shocking that so few in the medical profession have spoken out. Cynically, it is explained away by some as a big payoff. There is an unconfirmed report of some “vaccine” manufacturing being paid to not reveal what they are putting in them. Hospitals get paid extra money for every “covid death”. Doctors in the UK get paid for each “vaccine” jab they administer.

Vaccine Mandates and The Madness.

The public has been lied to in a huge variety of ways. But it has to be said. If you attend a rally against this madness, you will be surprised at how many different kinds of people get it. From dishwashers and ditch diggers to engineers and doctors, they get it. But do enough of them understand this destructive tyranny? Are enough ready to fight back and keep fighting until the authorities give up on their mandate madness?

It is this part of the story where the role of science ends and the role of raw political brutality begins. Italy, France, Slovenia, Australia, Britain, and America are all experiencing this tyranny in different ways. For the moment, a federal appeals court judge has stopped Biden’s mandate. But the U.S. Department of Labor is still barreling ahead. However, there is also an announcement that on November 15th, as many as 38,000 health care workers are going to strike at Kaiser Permanente. But then the government of the City of San Francisco has been the first in the nation to impose a vaccine passport for 5-11 year olds. It is clear that the powers that be are choosing the places where they think they can get away with imposing this tyranny. That’s right, start by picking on the weak.

It is madness, and we Americans are going to have to fight even harder to restore sanity.

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