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Mysterious and Troubling Death of Officer Brian Sicknick

Darren Beattie, who runs the website,, was the first to break the story that the story about the death of Officer Sicknick was dead wrong. True to form, the New York Times published a tortured retraction. So, we have to rely on the Washington Examiner for a more useful version.

The updated points are summarized below:

He safely returned to the police station. He talked with his brother and said that he had gotten some pepper spray, but was Otherwise in good condition. What followed was confusing. Somewhere in the next 24 hours, there were inconsistent Communications about whether he was dead or alive. Finally, ultimately, his family was informed that he had died. BUT……. No one has revealed when he died, where he died or how he died. The medical examiner still refuses to release the autopsy report. Somehow, still unexplained, he was cremated. Sound familiar to you Scalia fans?

The controversy which has followed these questions surrounding his death is putting more pressure on the democrats. Their response bears a suspected and mutated call for a “truth commission” by the democrats. When only one party is calling for a “truth commission” you can be sure something is deeply wrong. A telling piece by The Federalist explores this concern. Darren Beattie has also hinted several times that he is looking at other information which is so explosive, so controversial, he has to make absolutely sure his facts are correct. He has the right idea. He already forced the hand of the mightly New York Times. So, this story is far from over.

To summarize, we are still puzzled about three fundamental issues which should be easy to address, but for which there are still no answers: 1) How, when and where did he die?, 2) Why won’t the medical report be released?, and 3) And why hasn’t the family issued any statements?

If Darren Beattie is right, the truth about Officer Sicknick’s death is connected to a larger, far more evil, plan for which even the Capitol “riot” was only a part. Could this be true? Conspiracy theorists have no problem conjecturing and playing out the possibilities. Meantime, the job remains. Get the facts and make sure they are right.



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