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Op-Ed: Those "Extremist" Parents In Greenwich, CT

To all liberals reading this -- ever wonder why Trump resonated with the deplorables? He did something mind-blowing: he listened to them. I know, listening is a taxing neural effort for you guys, as is reading and math.....maybe why progressives aren't too keen to teach those subjects? I digress.

The last group on earth you want to label "extreme" is parents. Granted, adolescents may don that title on them, but when other adults do it, it's not a good look. Consider what the opposing side (mostly Dems, but some unaffiliateds) considers "extreme" -

- opposing children being taught the lie that DNA is fluid/changeable.

- opposing children undergoing body mutilation before age 18 (at minimum!)

- opposing children being shown explicit sexual content.

- opposing children being taught the lie that some races are more oppressed than others.

- opposing children being encouraged to identify as the opposite gender or NO gender.

- opposing keeping secrets from parents

That's some "extreme" love by parents, right? Imagine loving your child so much, you don't WANT them royally confused, depressed or scarred for the rest of their life. Democrats consider parental love a crime, because they hate the family unit (hint: communism has infiltrated the Democratic party since the 70s and 80s) and no joke, some communists would love seeing parents locked up in favor of total state control.

Progressives do not seem to understand even remotely that this is not attacking one person or even one administration. Parents have had it with Politically Progressive curriculums and people alike----they are saying the whole SYSTEM is messed up (to avoid using profanity here).

Administrators already face gaping shortages in teacher numbers; thanks to their support on ideologies of idiocy, they now face the implosion of the public school system. I for one eagerly anticipate how badly their egos will be bruised when their comfortable positions and financial perches - the house of cards - are at last toppled. When their all-but-sole purpose in life is swallowed up, and they are left to grapple with something called Reality. Grab some popcorn.


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