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It’s what Democrats do. Let’s review. Late in his life, the late Lyndon Baines Johnson confessed that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a false flag event staged by the United States government. They needed an excuse to kill 50,000 Americans while failing to stem the flow of communism. Congratulations, Democrats, you succeeded. Well, now you can take some credit for the run up to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Historians will still have to do the unraveling, but many observers find they pursued foreign policy decisions which have put ever greater pressure on Russia’s perceived security interests. Talk about poking the bear.

Now, as a result of this string of ill-considered decisions, the talk is about the existential threat Russia faces from the West. Well, that is nothing compared to the existential threat the Democrat party faces in the November elections. If they are to win in any fashion they must change the political battlefield. Presently, they are threatened by mounting calls for investigations around the “pandemic” and the relentless push for real prosecution of election fraud from 2020. In addition, there is their long list of failures and catastrophes from the southern border to the economy. No wonder they need a different battlefield.

Well, an ordinary long term regional conflict like that between Ukraine and Russia is not good enough. No, we need to spice it up with threats to Western Europe with saber rattling from Russia and getting the public used to the horrors of a tactical nuclear war.

The only way to stop dramatic Democrat losses in the November elections is to have a vigorous tactical nuclear war in Ukraine. Suddenly, American cannot just sit on the sidelines while feeding weapons and intelligence to Ukraine. Tactical nukes? Well, we had better the hell get in there and finish off Russia so they are no longer a threat. Otherwise the Democrats will lose bigly.

Now, suddenly, the Democrats will assume a role of international leadership in this conflict. Well, international leaders in a nuclear crisis can’t get voted out of office. That is unthinkable!

Can you smell the cynicism yet? Look for the rationalizations. Look for the “Who? Me??” Or “I never said that!” Also, watch those who hate America the most wrap themselves more tightly in the American flag than Donald Trump. How much of this phony behavior will you be able to tolerate? Hopefully, none. Hopefully, the American people call them out before the light the nuclear fuse.

But it remains in doubt. The Ukraine-Russia conflict moves as slowly as a slime mold. It doesn’t give the appearance of being headed for a tactical nuclear conflict. Russia’s part in this conflict is variously seen as a demonstration of incompetence, or a powerful bear holding itself back. Well, both can be true. How about another perspective? How about the continued abuse of any and all federal agencies for the purpose of doing whatever it takes to win in November? That includes the intelligence agencies sowing psy-ops messages in the conflict to create the kinds of false impressions that ultimately trigger a nuclear attack. It needs to be considered realistically, because it is just the thing they would do so long as they can remain blameless, and benefit from the crisis. Never let a good crisis go to waste; especially if you are the one creating the crisis and make damn sure you can’t be blamed for it.

So, dear reader, watch the Democrats closely. They are the masters of diversion and deception. The last word is simple: Only Democrats matter, destroy the rest.


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