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The Fun Time Ruler Of Hell - New Lebanon Connecticut.

Lebanon, Connecticut has a new slogan for tourists: Welcome to the gates of hell. You will find them at our elementary school. After School Satan Clubs have been appearing around the country. Sponsored by the Satanic Temple based in Salem, Massachusetts, they rationalize their actions on several grounds. The first is that the elementary school just started a Christian Good News club as an after school. So, of course, they have to counter the Christian message.

Then the Satanic Temple rationalizes their evil by pretending to be about free intellectual inquiry. Calling Satan independent minded is like calling Stalin a free spirit. That the administration at this elementary school has fallen for a version of the moral equivalency argument as the basis for allowing the ultimate corrupting influence to operate in their schools makes clear just what incompetent fools they really are, starting with the school superintendent. What will it take to explain to these people that walking into a dangerous place which they do not understand?

“Hey boys and girls, lets get together after school with the King of Eternal Damnation, The Devil, Ned Lamont and his party pals for some good old fashioned suffering. It will be FUN! After all, he isn’t really like that.”

The problem with this discussion is two fold. The first requires a deep historical, religious, and philosophical understand of Evil. That’s right, with a capital E. Guess what? We will have a little trouble delivering on that part here. Just know that the concept of Evil crosses cultures, religions, geographical locations as well as many thousands of years. Everything from some little punk demon hiding out in the woods in pagan times, to a supremely capable and all-knowing form of Evil makes up this discussion.

The second problem, for administration, it takes very little mental effort to conclude that Afters School Satan Club is a scam and a recruiting tool. Worshiping Evil is a religion, and you don’t see it because THEY are lying to YOU about their real intentions. Please stop playing stupid. It makes you look bad.

Parents need to be reminded about the message of Pleasure Island from Pinocchio, as well as the kids. These After School Satan Clubs are geared to the emotional proclivities of young children. They constitute a “belief of opportunity” the way marijuana is a drug of opportunity. By itself it may not seem that harmful. The harm starts with what comes next.

Finally, to be clear, there is a metaphysical strain about Evil that is consistent with the message of the Satanic temple. The claim that Lucifer wants to help and free man is well established in the history of Evil. Eventually, you figure out that it is just one more deception by the Deceiver. To Christians none of this is surprising. To the folks running the school system, this is news. Wow, guys, wake up.

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