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Jack Posobiec, Sr. Editor, of Human Events, in one of his many appearances on Steve Bannon’s Warroom, sometime in July he made an observation. Mrs. Dee Hackett, wife of one of the 1/6 prisoners told how every night at 9pm, the prisoners together sing the national anthem. He remarked this now makes the national anthem a protest song. Expect more. This illegal administration will continue to apply pressure where it can to terrorize Americans with baseless charges of extremism and terrorism.

Call it what it is: An all-out assault on conservatives and our founding principles. The enemy has taken over our government. It is nothing less. You see it in the news media. You see it in the military. You see it in our so-called law enforcement agencies, you see it in the wild-eyed suggestions to pressure, intimidate and otherwise shut up ordinary Americans who do not buy into their Marxist plans for this nation.

Anything that goes against their plans is to be labeled misinformation, and to be the grounds for possible prosecution on the most ridiculous grounds. What we are seeing is the government starting out with the most outlandish and ridiculous allegations which simply do not match the case, and then later and very quietly walking back the charges to “trespassing”, “parading”, “disturbing the peace.” Yet the prisoners are still treated as if they were under the original allegations. This is a new type of abuse of power, a new type of highly partisan corruption.

This does not stop the embedded Marxists in our government from developing even more ridiculous claims for arrest and prosecution. In fact, the nature of these ridiculous claims about what defines “domestic terrorism” are indistinguishable from the kinds of “legal standards” which would be applied by the Chinese Communist government.

The ACLU recently commented how the Patriot Act has laid the foundation for wrong headed redefinitions of domestic terrorism. The article provides a very simple starting point. Domestic terrorism is defined as any act “dangerous to human life”. As we know, the U.S. Department of Justice has sought to expand the concept of “act” to include speech. Suddenly, your Facebook posts, and other social media become grist for partisan ideologues who want you in jail.

So, will jails become like church choirs? Could they become filled with dissidents who simply disagree with our quasi-Marxist government? Yes. The kinds of twisted and contorted logic keeping the 1/6 protestors in jail will certainly be applied to others. In fact, a thing to consider is that the greater the level of oppression by the government, the greater the amount of protest singing inspired by their illegal acts.

Maybe it is time to dust off Jimi Hendrix’s version of the national anthem. Reviled at first, it was a brilliant way of showing the conflict and fighting that has surrounded our flag. It is a fight that is now only growing more intense. That means it is also time for much greater and stronger protest by more Americans. It is the only way we really get our country back.



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