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Let’s get to the main question. Are the one hundred some pages reportedly leaked by Air Force National Guardsman Jack Teixeira real or fake? Did this person somehow get "lucky", or has he been framed by the federal government for some other purposes? The questions have already started: Is Mr. Teixeira a “scape goat or a leaker”?

The Mind F..K Media has already covered this leak as if the information true. If true, all this claimed information does is complete the circle of deceitful conduct starting with the Americans, moving to Ukraine, then the Russians and then China, as well as other interested parties. There is a claim that Zelensky has been secretly buying oil from Russia. How has he been paying for it? With our money? Then, of course, there are all the other unanswered questions with respect to the failure to audit and otherwise fully account for the billions of American dollars sent to Ukraine. It is all one big mess mostly funded by the Biden Administration. That these two examples are not a part of the leak simply reminds us of the bigger picture we need to keep in mind.

Under normal circumstances, the people responsible for such double dealing would be quickly removed from decision making positions. The problem, as far as can be told, is that those who would do the removing are in on the scam. However, it gets even worse. If Mr. Teixeira actually sought out and stole this information by leaking it, then there is one dilemma: Is he a hero or a traitor?

The official narrative has Mr. Texeira on Thug Shakers Central, a chat board, on Discord. There is nothing here that can be normally associated with any foreign influence seeking to steal sensitive information. The explanation that Mr. Teixeira posted the leak on this board raises the question. How did he get this information in the first place? You either have him actively acquiring this supposedly top secret information, or you have someone making it easy for him to get.

If he sought out this information, there will be a search history. He was supposedly found out when he did a search with the term “leak”. Well? Then what about his search history prior to doing that search?

The other alternative raises suspicion. What if he accidentally found it during other searches? Then how did it get there? The suggestion is that the leaked information could have been planted there. A further speculation is that someone on the chat board goaded him into doing the kind of search which would have found this information.

Gateway Pundit was quick to point out that the New York Times actually arrived at the home of Mr. Teixeira before the federal government got there. They raised a question about the level of commitment the federal government has to apprehending the leaker. It is a question worth examining.

The first question that should have been raised by the federal government is: Did he have any other information? What might he have done with it? It is also worth noting that a number of researchers have commented on how gaming systems are used by intelligence agencies as a form of communication. There is the field of steganography where secret messages are embedded in graphic images. Talk about a can of worms. The ability to manipulate images is an extremely subtle form of communication.

Anyway, that is background information, but it makes one wonder. So, here, it is a chat room for a gaming platform called Discord. Now, it should be pointed out that with the developing background on this story, the reader must be warned about the questionable nature of some of these claims. For example, in that same Gateway Pundit article they note that two investigators had visited Mr. Teixeira shortly after the leak occurred. Now wait a minute. How did these government investigators get to him so quickly when: 1) He is 21 years old, 2) A low level enlisted person, 3) Part of the AIR FORCE National Guard, which theoretically should not have any involvement here, 4) He is said to have top secret clearance, but there are different levels of top secret; e.g. Cosmic Top Secret which is higher than most other top secret clearances.

This reads more like the federal government knew exactly where to go and who to talk to. Who else did they interview? What other facilities did they visit? How about none? The feds have done very little to cover their tracks in what could easily turn out to be a frame up; e.g., a false flag event.

If it turns out that this is a false flag, to what end and why now? How other foreign powers react to this is still unknown. Public suspicion should be very high if the other countries reaction is weak. To state the concern one way: You can’t trust your secrets with an “ally” who keeps leaking his own secrets. If this is all fake, then the allies won’t say or do much of anything to rectify the situation.

Another way to state this is that you can take the check list of qualifiers: 1) Member of military with appropriate position of responsibility, 2) Has Top Secret clearance, and 3) What passes for a motive and those can be requirements for finding the right kind of person to frame, as well as being the profile of a true leaker. They are indistinguishable.

This article is Part One of the ongoing investigation. In the next article we are going to example the kinds of questions others are bringing up about what is not right about this whole scandal. Psy-ops have become marvelously subtle and difficult to tease apart truth from lies. So, even asking the question, Scape-goat or leaker, cannot be answered in a straight forward explanation.

Stay tuned.




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