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Tsunami Coming ?; If you're reading this you're already being swept away.

The objective when you see a Tsunami (giant wall of water in the form of a wave) coming is to either get out of the way or to higher ground. Few, if any, ever see one coming but we can certainly see or know the signs before it drowns us.

The United States is now in the throws of a dictatorship. I do not say this flippantly or lightly. We are. Don't think so ? Rules and laws are no longer legislated they are ordered by fiat as Governors of states have secured their stronghold through emergency powers. There is no open forum for discussion or debate any longer and what discussion there is, is little more than pointing out or stating the obvious of what unelected bodies are doing seemingly with impunity.

Any guarantee that the courts will be the battle ground on which to gain any substantive victories will be met with with opposition on other fronts. What might that be you ask ? M-O-N-E-Y. They will (and are) threatening your very existence by holding your means of sustaining your own life through the monetary system.

The Government can (and has) pulled the plug on income at a moments notice and to make matters worse the giant tech and communications company have given their blessings. The axiom; "He who owns the Gold makes the rules". is more relevant now than ever. There's the other axiom; he who has the Guns makes the rules. The original intent for Guns in the U.S. was to preserve the Republic if an unfortunate set of circumstances should befall our nation. The idea is to compel a rogue and unruly Government to submit to the law and the preservation of Liberty. Conversely, the intention of guns in a dictatorship are to force the population into submission to it's will.

Some governors have given themselves emergency powers under the auspices of shoddy science, data and metrics being any and or all external threats to public "safety". Funding, - Funding, - Funding, it's all about the funding. "If you don't do this, you don't get that" etc. Which is tantamount to economic blackmail or extortion.

The State of Connecticut is neck deep in labor unions who bid for gov. contracts and hold the state's budgets hostage. You think your State reps have any allegiance to the plebs they were elected to serve ? If you're not laughing by now they certainly are. All (save a few) politicians here in Connecticut serve at the will of the Unions and it's been this way for a very long time. Think those Unions are going to bite the hand that feeds them and give up the cash cow they've used as their personal piggy bank ? Think again. Connecticut is a state that has done quite well (until recently) at creating the illusion that people are getting fair representation by their leadership. Why do you think a sitting mayor (think Bridgeport), convicted of a felony serves time gets out and gets the keys to the City back ? It's who you know and it gives credence to the line in the movie: "Clear and Present Danger"; "When I'm not kissing babies, I'm stealing their lollipops".

Hard to imagine due process over anything could be eliminated with the threat of what appears to be new iterations of the common cold because after all when is the last time anyone even mentioned the word "cold" in their data musings. And where is the discussion on natural immunity? Virtual silence.

What we all would like to know is; who can any (responsible) scientist think it's a good idea to forcefully implement something they know to have questionable results in enough cases where even Japan suspended use of one of the drugs?The answer is in the payoffs. "Trust but verify" has become: "You'll take what we give you, or else". Because the Doctors have their eyes on things like that new Hinckley Talaria 53 and they'll be damed if a conscience is going to stand in the way of the family making those weekly excursions to Block Island so they can brag about what idiots everyone else is. Don't forget those options trades either buddy because dividends happen right?

Laws are being passed with NO consent of the governed. Period. Yes, this is exactly what it is like to live in a third world country and when it becomes all you know you won't bother to ask what a Republic is .. or was because you won't know any better.

To think that our grievances are going to be settled in a Court of law at this stage is mostly a fools errand. We know this because the White House Press Secretaries latest response to Peter Doocy's query about wether or not illegals at the border were being required to vaccinate and Jen Psaksi's abject admission in the negative basically speaks to the point. It's as if they are saying; " We know we are violating the law, and we know you know we are violating the Constitution and what are you going to do to stop us?" The idea that an American citizen would respond in this way says all you need to know about what has happened to this country.

America has been dying a slow death for decades and this form of what appears to be medical tyranny and despotism coupled with election results being unilaterally called into question based on the evidence mounting in a handful of States.

The floods have come, the Tsunami is here, and what we might have known as America before this final volley of edicts from the Administrative branch has washed away many traces of what we used to call America. When you're ship is going down and swept away in a flood it becomes every man (or woman) for themselves. If you don't have a life preserver you'd better know how to swim... or hold your breath for a very long time.

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