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Victory For Religious Liberty

While the left continues to melt down over the implications of overturning Roe v. Wade, we are delighted to hear the Court delivered a major victory for religious liberty yesterday in the case that involved a football coach who was fired for praying on the field.

That’s three great decisions in a row from the Supreme Court, exactly the kind of good news that conservatives need right now!

Unfortunately, politicians like Nancy Pelosi continue to throw gasoline on the fire and label the Supreme Court an “extremist” body that “punishes” the American people. It doesn’t help that 33 democrats are calling on Biden to use the full force of the government to undermine the SCOTUS decision, that the HHS secretary is looking at federal funding for abortion travel, or that Elizabeth Warren wants to put abortion tents on federal land to get around the decision.

This kind of rhetoric is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

How do you think it will play out in midterms? Especially considering over a million people have already switched from democrat to republican so far?


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