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Education Not Indoctrination


Education is a fundamental pillar of society, providing individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for personal growth, social progress, and the advancement of civilization. However, it is essential to ensure that education remains true to its purpose of fostering independent thinking and intellectual exploration, rather than succumbing to the pitfalls of ideology and indoctrination.

Preparing A Child For Learning


A good curriculum plays a significant role in ensuring education remains unbiased and promotes intellectual freedom. A well-designed curriculum provides a balanced representation of various disciplines.
By prioritizing education over indoctrination, we can ensure that learners develop the skills and mindset necessary to navigate an ever-evolving world with confidence, integrity, and intellectual honesty. 


An imbalance currently exists in the Guilford Public School system.  It is an imbalance driven by political ideology.  When education is driven by ideology, it is no longer an education.  It is indoctrination. You may have heard terms like Critical Race Theory, Toxic Masculinity, White Privilege, or Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.  They are all part of the same family of fundamentally political beliefs.  As such, they are one-sided, narrow in perspective, and willfully ignorant of contrasting viewpoints.  Bottom line?  You are being cheated out of a real education.  (Editorial comment: You have no idea how furious this makes me.)


Yankee Tea News aims to bring back a balance to what you learn, how you learn and why you learn.  This is a pre-press announcement of a booklet we will be publishing in August.



We are admittedly eager to get this to you.  The world is an interesting place.  They are ruining it for you.  So, we have to speak up with this project.


The booklet is very much a work-in-progress.  As such, we encourage you to visit the page on our website where we are growing this booklet:  There is also a bright yellow box on the home page to take you there.

The booklet is divided into four sections:  The What (Racism, Slavery, Toxic Masculinity, Whiteness and Sexuality), The How (Psy-ops, Agnotology, Misinformation, Propaganda, Indoctrination, Shaping the Narrative, and Hiding the Truth) , The Why (Ideology, The -isms,   CRT, DEI, SEL, Oher) and Pushing Back (Rebuttal Points, The Five Laws of Stupidity, The Bonhoeffer Theory, Mass Psychosis Formation).

Below we have brief passages for you.  


Racism  - Conflating racism with “whiteness” is the BIG LIE.  The suggestion that only whites can be racist is an even BIGGER LIE.  Kendi is the leading liberal voice on racism.  Below is an interview of him.  Standing in contrast is Thomas Sowell.  He is a leading intellect.  By the way, he too is black.

Liberal -

Conservative  -


Slavery – Slavery is a complex, old, nuanced topic.  To the extent that teachers gloss over, give lip service too, and otherwise downplay this long history of slavery, they are being intellectually dishonest – to your detriment.  These links are a start.  But another great resource is the show “Finding Your Roots”.  The nuances of American slavery are made very clear.

Liberal  -

Conservative  -


Toxic masculinity – This repackages age-old conflicts of men versus women.  The marketing term, Toxic Masculinity, is meant to collect together all the worst aspects of being a man, while ignoring women.

Liberal -,and%20men%20in%20some%20fashion.


Whiteness -  There is a legitimate debate over whether some people are beating racial issues to death by pushing a concept like whiteness.  It is a debate to be had. It can start here.  Plus “whiteness” is just one small slice of this fight.  The booklet will have more thorough coverage.

Liberal –

Conservative -


Sexuality - If one were to explore the anthropology of human sex, be prepared to be confused.  If you include the biology of sex across species, you will be even more confused – and amazed.  However, getting a clear divide between conservative and liberal views of sexuality without reference to morality and religion is difficult.  So, the links offered here are just a quick look at the subject and certainly not clear.





How are you being jerked around?  This section starts to address that question.  It’s not pretty, and it is not easily understood.  It’s about psychology, sociology, social behavior and beliefs.  It is about taking advantage of your weaknesses to subtly force you to a point of view.  The How has NOTHING to do with you learning to think for yourself or developing the tools of critical thinking.

An important note is that the terms Misinformation, Propaganda, Indoctrination, Narrative Shaping all overlap with each other.  Here we introduce these concepts.  Later we show how they work together.

Psy-ops – Psychological operations is the overall concept that ties together everything discussed in this section.  They key point to help you figuring this out is that there are two huge overlaps:  Military Psy-ops and Social Psy-ops.  You will learn that Facebook, Twitter,and others have been major users of Social Psy-ops over the last several years.  Most importantly, in 2014, a federal law was repealed which had prohibited using psy-ops against Americans.  That’s over. The story is more complicated, but that is the basic topic.  You are the ongoing target of psy-ops.  Remember, you are the prize.


Military -

Agnotology  -  Robert N. Proctor is a professor Stanford University who coined the term “Agnotology”.  He has used it to push the idea of “false knowledge”.  He wrote a series of essays that became a book on the subject.  As good as the book is, he has only scratched the surface of the implications of false knowledge.  His approach is biased. He suggests conservatives suffer from false knowledge, yet somehow liberals do not.  We will show how that is wrong.

Wikipedia  -,misleading%20scientific%20data%20(disinformation).


Misinformation  -  Again, this is just a start.  What should be a source of suspicion is the high level of involvement by the federal government in this issue.

Liberal -

Conservative -  Victor Davis Hanson


Propaganda  - The best lie tells half the truth.   The objective of propaganda is ultimately to mislead you.  Edward Bernays is considered the father of propaganda.  Below are links to his original book, and a later edition.


Indoctrination – There is a theory that no matter what you learn, you are being indoctrinated.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  It needs to be examined. But that starts with understanding the thinking about indoctrination itself.  There are many books on the subject.  They have all different points of view.  Hence the Amazon review comment too.


A review from Amazon:

Shoko HIll


4.0 out of 5 stars A good book on the subject

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 25, 2021

Verified Purchase

The book provides a concise picture of mind manipulation or "brainwashing" by drawing upon other authors that have studied or researched this topic. One of the topics includes the socialization process or "indoctrination" of children by the parents and tends to paint it as a negative process. In some ways yes, parents can socialize or indoctrinate their own children to have negative or damaging viewpoints that parents hold. However, the book doesn't speak of the positive such as parents shielding their children from the degeneracy in society or propaganda by the media and government in their attempt to create mental drones for the state. If parents do not socialize or indoctrinate their children (whether with good or bad principles) then the state or the degenerate culture of the day will do it for you. Even in the animal kingdom, there are plenty of examples of male and female mates raising and protecting their own offspring. Therefore, this is the natural process and order for most mammals. Besides those points, the book is a good read and recommended.


Shaping the Narrative – Narrative is another word of a story.  There is a plot.  There are characters.  There is supposed to be characters in tension with each other. Usually, there is supposed to be a happy ending.  People who talk about

Bottom Line?  You are Being Manipulated Through Your “Education”

The context of the booklet in preparation is the controversy over what has been happening to public education in America.  It is worth noting that subjects like critical race theory and equity are not being taught in most other education systems around the world.

There is a lot of talk about “critical thinking skills”.  It is a dangerous idea.  It is an idea with a long history.  You have heard of a philosopher named Socrates.  If you haven’t, look him up.  Learn about The Socratic Method.




Ideology:  Why it is So Important  -- Ideology is the beating heart of all political conflicts.  It doesn’t matter. Liberal/conservative, democrat/republican, communist/capitalist, fascist/libertarian are all driven by an underlying set of unquestioned principles:  Fairness, freedom, equality, liberty, justice are common examples.  So many of us are brought up in families where the parents have definite political viewpoints which the children simply absorb.

However, both sides rarely examine the WHY of their political beliefs. That would be their ideologies.  What is often claimed to be the why is just a label or a slogan.  Since neither side is blameless, finding fault for both is easy to do.  This point will be explored more deeply in the final booklet.  That includes a deep dive into Marxism, communism, socialism, fascism, capitalism as well as the current battles over critical race theory, diversity, inclusion, equity, social/emotional learning

Encyclopedia Brittanica  -

Wikipedia -


The -isms  This section only introduces Marxism.  The booklet will cover the many related topics.  

Marxism – Marxism is generally seen as the origin of modern thinking about collectivism.  In all fairness, it has evolved into something far more complex and nuanced even though it still relies on the oppressor-oppressed model for its main ideas.

Wikipedia -


This section introduces important related ideas that provide context for much of what is discussed here.  The Five Laws of Stupidity is somewhat tongue-in-cheek but strikes at a truth people joke about, but know is very true:  The world is full of stupid people.

The Five Laws of Stupidity derives, somewhat, from a well known sociological theory called The Bonhoeffer Theory.  It addresses the questions about how whole populations seem to become hypnotized into conforming to horribly slef-destructive ideas.

The Bonhoeffer Theory of Stupidity was developed by 

Related to that is the concept of Mass Psychosis Formation.  It focuses on how broad social stresses, such as what happened with Covid, could lead to dramatic and overwhelming toxic conversions in the public mindset.  Dr. Robert Malone popularized this idea on a podcast with Joe Rogan.  The link below is brief and too the point.  However, the amount of push back in the media was remarkable and exceptionally strong in 2022.  It makes you wonder.  Why would such an arcane idea be so important to them?

The Five Laws of Stupidity   -

The Bonhoeffer Theory  -

Mass Psychosis Formation,be%20led%20anywhere%2C%20regardless%20of%20data%20proving%20otherwise.

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