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The obvious mental impairments of our faux-president Biden inspires endless speculation about who is really in charge. Is it China? Is it Obama? His wife? Maybe it’s Hillary. No one knows, and those who do, ain’t talkin’.

It is just one person? Maybe it’s a small committee. Do they take turns? This further suggests something conspiratorial. All these people talk to each other about which string to pull next on our faux-president. Pretty disgusting. Answering the question, who benefits, about the impact of his decisions may lend more weight to pointing to some suspects.

Sherlock Holms is quoted, approximately, as saying “If, after considering all the evidence, the most absurd explanation is all that is left, then that is the correct conclusion.” This is a preamble to the big one. The horror that is the crisis at America’s border with Mexico has one and only one beneficiary: The Drug Cartels. Stated repeatedly by both border patrol agents and journalists reporting from the border is the fact that every person who crosses that border is under the control of the drug cartels. Moreover, there are many claims of their having infiltrated border towns to set up safe houses and bribe key officials. Who’s making money? Who’s benefitting?

If that is not bad enough, then consider Afghanistan. Here again, there are obvious beneficiaries. In this case, there are two: The Taliban and China. While the Taliban won a lot of military equipment they do not know how to operate or repair, China has come to the rescue. Reportedly, they are already using the Bagram airbase for their own purposes. Good going, Joe. Not part of this discussion are the many indirect beneficiaries such as Pakistan and Iran.

The graph for this article names quite a few people who clearly influence our faux-president. It should be noted that some influences are closer and older than others such as his brother, Jim, his son, Hunter and his wife Jill. Another sub-group would be his “Colleagues” such as Ron Klain, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and good ole’ Obama.

Other notables in the background include Tony Blinken, our current Secretary of State, and Jake Sullivan, our current National Security Advisor. Their backgrounds as individuals who are very beholden to China is disturbing enough. But it should be clear by this information that it is as much about the connections and the groupings they form as it is the individuals

The graph is only able to show the ones that have been in the public and mentioned repeatedly. While George Soros & Co. might be a candidate as well, his greater influence lies elsewhere. There has been no public discussion as such but the question needs to be asked. Does Hillary still talk to folks in China? How about Nancy Pelosi? I guess there are no Logan Act problems there. Certainly, a dark horse in this discussion is Ron Klain, his Chief of Staff. He served as Biden’s Chief of Staff when he was vice-president.

The take home message to the readers should be clear. Faux-president Joe Biden is not his own man. He never has been. The forthcoming history of his corruption will make abundantly clear that he was never his own man, and has always had many bosses.

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