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A Quiet'er Place

Movie Review and Opinion. "A Quiet Place" (and it's sequel) is a movie that conceptualizes what appear to be (primitive) Alien visitants that pursue humans with no objective other than to seek out and violently destroy human life in a rather primitive and gory way like wild animals let loose from a cage ...

The violent rages seem to be triggered by audible noise (of any kind). This particular paradigm struck a chord with me which I'll explain later. The story sees humans remanded for a period of time to function in a state of virtual silence so as to avoid these vile monsters from hunting them down being impaled by these disgusting creatures that seem to be hypersensitive to sound and equally as insensitive to the destruction of anything unlike themselves.

The movie does not appear to have any objective other than to illustrate how humans adapt to seemingly the most absurd of circumstances .. The movie's intrinsic value is really centered around the "jump scare" value of which there are plenty in both movies. We get no back story as to whether the aliens are aberrations of some random cosmological event, or wether they are actually intelligent and journeyed from a some far away planet. They are humanoid like beings having arms legs and a head albeit distorted and deformed. Since their only motivation seems to be one of animalistic destruction and gore it would be a stretch to conjecture that they are "intelligent" in the conventional sense of the term.

So why does this movie speak to me ? Well lets think about it like this in the context of what has been happening on social media and in politics as of late; If you say something someone doesn't like or agree with there are those among us who will (and do) single you out and expend energies at virtually and literally destroying your life and livelihood.

In some respects one might conjecture that those who have been employed to "fact check" information that you publish (that may or may not be true) that would be contrary to the messaging that appears to be centralized around a social narrative construct. These people (not unlike the creatures in the movie) are merciless, faceless aberrations behind a firewall of job security seem to be motivated either by conviction or fear or perhaps even both. The movie definitely gives credence to the famous Biblical axiom "A time to keep silent and a time to speak" . Ecclesiastes 3:7



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