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Another vaccine-related death in CT, and other news

Pfizer was granted EUA 17 months ago — on December 11, 2020 — for it’s covid vaccine, and since then, Connecticut has racked up 10,470 vaccine injuries and 66 vaccine-related deaths, according to VAERS.

That means on average 20 people a day in the state of CT are getting harmed by vaccines. And this doesn’t include the people who never make the connection between their sudden health issue or rapidly worsening condition and that recent booster shot. Nor does it reflect the notorious under-reporting in VAERS, which has been estimated anywhere from 6.5 times to 41 times.

The latest CT death attributed to the vaccine is from an 84-year-old male who had been administered a second booster shot on April 20, 2022.

The patient was reportedly alert and stated he felt good. He had no reported issues with the three previous doses. He waited for the required 15-20 minute observation period and had no adverse reactions.

When his observation period ended, he left the clinic with his wife, got into his car, and then had difficulty breathing. So hIs wife approached some staff members from the vaccine clinic in the parking lot and reported her husband wasn’t responding to questions appropriately and had difficulty breathing.

By the time the vaccine team arrived to the car, the man was unresponsive in the drivers seat, and subsequently died.

Why take the unnecessary risk with covid shots, and especially with boosters?

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