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The people closely following the election audit in Arizona know which way the wind is blowing. There was once a picture shortly after Desert Storm in 1991. The wind had blown away enough sand to reveal a large mine field. Somehow, the folks who laid that minefield never considered that the wind would blow away their cover. Perhaps this is a metaphor for the individuals who originally thought they could get away with their version of election fraud in Arizona.

The critics of the election audit are attempting to blow up a storm of their own with the help of the mainstream media. The problem is the other wind is getting stronger with each passing day. The ridiculous huffing and puffing of Governor Doocey, his secretary of state, and the Maricopa county election officials look weaker, more ridiculous – and more suspicious - with each passing day.

Missing passwords, refusal to supplier servers, phony complaints about compromising secure information, the list goes on. The most interesting part was the fight over the mystery of the deleted database. First came the discovery that the database containing the election totals had been deleted. Then a day later came an announcement that it had been recovered. Then started the fight over the database being on a separate “off-site” machine still in the network. Then there was an unresolved back and forth over whether someone had ignorantly and maliciously deleted just the file without wiping the hard drive, or if it was a stupid mistake. In this case, it is better to look stupid rather than guilty.

Belatedly, Dominion sought to refute the various claims suggesting malfeasance on their part. Yes, we did give them the passwords. No, we did not refuse them the servers. No, the database was not deleted. All of this has the feel of a person struggling to stay on top of a galloping horse. First they almost fall off on one side and manage to lean to the other side; then start to fall again and do it all over again. The rough ride continues.

How About The Hollywood Wind Machine?

Those who are much more cynical still see all of this as the work of controlled opposition. So, the wind being generated is fake? So, should we be talking about a Hollywood style wind machine creating the false impression of progress in the work of auditing the ballots. The coliseum floor is nothing more than sound stage? We get to witness the to and fro of people battling the wind, just like in a Hollywood movie.

A number of observers jumped on the announcement that Wake TSI would not renew it’s contract after May 14th. Since then, another company StratTech (Tuscson, AZ), was hired to take their place. While this change was interpreted by some to suggest either Wake TSI was not doing a good job, or there was some internal conflict, it is worth reminding the reader that journalists were taking pictures of the people working there as well the license plate numbers of cars parked outside. While there is no evidence, yet, it is suggested that these actions were for the purpose of doxing and harassing the workers doing the audit. It was just one more move in an effort to shut down the audit.

So, let’s ask the question again. Arizona, which way is the wind blowing? Despite cross winds, counter winds, and fake winds, this is a storm leading the revealing the truth, just like those landmines. Once it is clear and obviously there are landmines, the key question will be WHO put them there? This is also a storm blowing across the nation. The winds are being felt in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, New Hampshire, Montana and Nevada. That more states will feel it as well is highly likely. People there will be able to put their fingers in the air and answer the same question.

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