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By Mary Hays and Philip C. Mead

To the dear readers of Yankee Tea News, there is a serious point of controversy about the mandates which needs to be addressed here.

If you will, the model for what is wrong with many Americans who are finally speaking out against the mandates can be found in a recent town hall meeting in New Canaan, Connecticut. The vast majority of attendees were there to complain about the mask wearing for their children. [NEWS UPDATE: LATE MONDAY AFTERNOON, FEB. 7, GOVERNOR LAMONT ANNOUNCED THE IMMEDIATE END OF THE MASK MANDATES, THOUGH HE SEEKS EXTENSION OF HIS EMERGENCY POWERS]

These included lawyers, doctors, hedge fund managers, etc. These are the people normally thought of as well-educated, and well-informed members of the community. However, to a man, there was something missing from their presentations. They failed to call out “The Big Lie”. Doing so requires two levels of distinction: 1) Articulating the growing body of data about the failures of the vaccines, the fraudulent nature of the PCR tests, and extremely questionable way data has been managed from the VAERS database reporting to what is happening in hospitals around the country, and 2) The synthesis of all this information which leads to one simple claim: The pandemic has been a well-planned hoax. It is the explanation that ties so much together. As Sherlock Holmes said: “After considering all the evidence, and possible explanations, if the only one left is the most absurd, then that is the correct answer.”

Well, guess what? A hoax is the only answer left to make everything logical and consistent. However, these well-educated people in New Canaan went nowhere near this assertion. They complained about the wearying two years of conforming, of getting triple vaccinated, of lockdowns, of cancelling vacations and not hugging Grandma ma. They simply said what good conformists they were, without demonstrating any capacity to think for themselves.

There is another perspective to consider: The Final Narrative has yet to be born. Much like a sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, the form of the fetus is very human-like, very clear. But it is not time yet to be born. The New Canaan meeting had some 250 people show up. Two months ago, they would have not even gotten half of that. Also, in that two month person, it has become even more obvious that vaccines do not work. When you look at clips from Dr. Fauci and others a year ago, they stated bluntly these “vaccines” would stop transmission. Not only did they fail to stop transmission, now there is evidence the “vaccine” makes people get sick more quickly and easily. But not one person brought any of this up in the meeting.

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