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Connecticut Has A Math Problem - VAERS, Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen

Over the last 32 years, a total of 114 deaths have been recorded as adverse events to vaccines in Connecticut.

Even though, covid vaccines were first launched in December 2020 (Pfizer was granted Emergency Use Authorization on 12/11/20, Moderna on 12/18/20 and Janssen on 2/27/21), they account for nearly 58% of vaccine-related deaths in the state.

That means 66 out of 114 deaths are due to covid vaccines in just the last 1.5 years, compared to 48 deaths from all other vaccines in the last 32 years. The level of death with covid vaccines is absolutely shocking!

We’ve told you about two adolescents who suddenly died from myocarditis after covid vaccination. One of the boys was considered obese, while the other had ADHD. Otherwise, these boys were healthy, and had no previous signs of heart problems.

We’ve told you about an 84-year-old man who died shortly after receiving a second booster shot. He left the clinic, got into his car, then experienced difficulty breathing and answering questions. He died shortly thereafter.

Other deaths include a 65-year-old woman who passed away after the vaccine caused blood clots to develop throughout her entire body. She was previously healthy, but a couple weeks after her second shot, she developed numerous blood clots “all of a sudden” and died.

A 20-year-old man started to develop joint pains after vaccination. Three months later his feet started to swell, and the pain worsened. By the time he went to the hospital, he was coughing up blood and found to be suffering from vasculitis. He was put into an induced coma and died from the damage caused by vasculitis.

A 35-year-old man simply died within 24 hours of receiving his first shot. In fact, 46% who those who died within a day of getting a jab, simply had “death” listed as the cause; no other health issues or underlying conditions were identified.

Do you remember when the experimental swine flu program was halted in 9 states after 3 people died in the 1970’s? Why do you think the covid vaccination program hasn’t been halted, even though it’s substantially more deadly? Why do you think the FDA is meeting on June 15, 2022 to consider extending covid vaccines to infants and children aged 6 months through 5 years of age, instead of meeting to discuss the alarming safety signals coming out of VAERS?

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