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They Didn’t See This One Coming

Now, fast forward to the second revolution. The biannual election of members for the Greenwich Republlcan Town Committee took place over two nights: January 10-11, 2022. The first night, for District 11, was a harbinger of things to come. Normally, 15-20 Republican voters show up to to select new voting members for the RTC. This time, there were over 115. What happened? Well, a lot happened and it is explained below.

As summary results, after the dust settled, conservatives had taken control of 9 of the 12 districts, taken 41 out of 60 spots up for election and established a 2/3rds majority in the newly elected body.

Then there is this breakdown by district from Concerned Greenwich Parents

D1 3 of 5

D2 2 of 5

D3 we didn’t run any

D4 3 of 5

D5 0 of 4

D6 2 of 5

D7 5 of 5

D8 6 of 6

D9 5 of 5

D10 5 of 5

D11 5 of 6

D12 5 of 6

It was run as a stealth campaign where different groups coordinated their efforts (as a historical footnote, stealth campaigns to bump members have done in the past in the RTC.) That this was done with as many as a thousand voters from all the districts is absolutely remarkable. But it also speaks to a much greater problem: “They” ain’t listening. So we have to get their attention”. The arrogance and ignorance of the establishment moderates caused this.

What do these numbers mean? They will no longer be ignored. They represent the frustration many felt at not getting “our” candidates elected to the board of education, as well as the highly questionable choices made by the RTC chair, Dan Quigley. There was the related frustration of the board clearly not listening at all to the parents, or else lying and mischaracterizing their decision-making process over the mandates. No one was fooled.

Everyone was upset.

What Are The Unifying Ideas of This New Group?

As stated in a note from the Concerned Greenwich Parents, below are what are seen as the key principles. For the most part, they look like Republican principles. However, one has to take a closer look. There is an argument to be made that many, if not most, establishment Republicans have paid increasingly weak lipservice to these principles. They talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. Real Republicans expect:

  • Individual Freedom

  • Limited Government

  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • Parental Rights

  • America First

Taking Another Look at the Pussy Hat Liberals

Depending on where one wants to put the time markers, these liberal and conservative revolutions took 1-2 years to mature and culminate in these elections. The interpretation of the motivating forces for these groups has both similarities and differences depending on what observers consider important. One interpretation is that both groups were first driven by fear and hatred. In the liberal case it is the reflexive hatred for conservatives embodied in President Donald Trump plus obvious frustration with seeing their liberal agenda being stalled out. In the conservative case, the fear is over our loss of supposedly constitutionally protected liberties, even including free speech. The hatred is over the indoctrination being imposed in public education and pretending to call it knowledge. In addition, such surprises as medical tyranny at all levels of government, the refusal to engage citizens in the most basic questions, the obvious abuse of powers with attendant poor judgement by officials, and blatant incompetence have led to the current situation.

Curiously, the pussy hat liberals decided the best course of action was to change laws. The conservatives of the RTC decided it is about getting conservatives elected to office.

The argued difference is that the pussy hat liberals were caught up in a cult of personality. This caused them to lose all perspective as to their real goals. So, it should be no surprise they were reduced to fighting about bags and straws.

Conservatives were confronting much larger issues which affect everyone, liberal and conservative alike, even if their liberal counterparts failed to see it. The list of unifying ideas above encapsulates these broader issues. No surprise that all or most liberals are absent when it comes to these matters. This brings up another point. Moderate Republicans (aka RINOs) can easily find there is, as they say, no daylight between them and liberals. They might as well call themselves liberals. The old saw about “I’m fiscally conservative, but socially liberal” is failing, and for the Greenwich RTC, the death blow was delivered on those two nights in January. The one-third that remain on the Greenwich RTC will need to discover their inner conservative if they are to be members in good standing. In fact, developments around the nation suggest that RINOs are an endangered political species.

It is worth noting that none of these things happened to the pussy hat liberals in the Greenwich RTM. They were their own voting bloc and had to make their case to others. In a sense, the opposite has happened with the Greenwich RTC. The remaining members who survived the voting and are “moderate” will instead have to make peace with the majority.

However, this comparison of the RTM and the RTC is instructive in other ways. In fact, the emergence of a clearly dominant body with a definite point of view is the unique and defining moment here. Will the new members of the RTC do more than seize the day? Can they?

One can say that the success of such a large stealth campaign is also the result of a group of people having been politically beat up and knocked around by medical tyranny, the local press, public officials, deaf board of education members, and a less than responsive first selectman; not to mention to the many immature, viscous and bullying liberals who thought they were having great fun ridiculing the parents.

Revenge is a dish not just best served cold, but also fast.

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