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The President Trump indictment is the newest shiny object intended to distract the public from the real crimes of the Crooked Joe Biden crime family. – this appears to be part of a continuing pattern designed to take the public spotlight off of him. It may work for some, but it is not working here. While we report on this, the rest of the world is still absorbing the meaning of the indictment. However, this latest stunt is of questionable value for those who are not impressed by this sleight of hand by the prosecutor Jack Smith. Instead, this stunt is Crooked Joe Biden being true to form. He has a remarkable history of ducking and dodging while still landing on his feet.

There is perhaps no better example of failing upward than Crooked Joe Biden. He is regarded as having been wrong on every foreign policy position in the last forty years. He can’t lay claim to any accomplishments other than plagiarism. That is just one of many deceits he has used to keep propelling his crime family upwards. The link on his history of plagiarism is incredibly extensive. This is just one more example of him being protected by the deep state.

The place though where he has been outrageously successful is corruption, lots of corruption, more corruption than has been see by any public official in American history. He is the champ. To paraphrase, Extraordinary Corruption Needs Extraordinary Distractions.

Even better was the quote attributed to Barack Obama, his former boss, who said you can never underestimate Biden’s ability to f..k things up. This is just more evidence of Crooked Joe Biden’s talent for failing upward.

Sorry Crooked Joe, the Trump Distraction Ain’t Working

The body of evidence against Crooked Joe Biden builds and builds. That the announcement of the indictments against President Trump came at exactly the same time of the confirmation of the $5 million bribe from Burisma from 2017 is not missed by the rest of us. For now, it is just “alleged” We are waiting for explanations on how this allegation is not true.

The most disgusting part about this story is the hypocrisy around the mishandling of classified documents. Crooked Joe Biden still has not been deposed about the library of classified documents he took. While the hypocritical U.S. Department of Justice is suing President Trump over documents at Mar-a-Lago, they remain silent about the documents in his garage, in an office he kept Chinatown in Georgetown, the University of Pennsylvania, and possibly the University of Delaware, if they ever allow access to those Crooked Joe Biden “archives”.

USA Today summarized the results of searches up to January 20, 2023 for classified documents held by Crooked Joe Biden.

· Nov. 2, 2022: Biden's lawyers discover a small number of classified documents at Penn Biden Center, a D.C. office formerly used by Biden when he was vice president.

· Dec. 20, 2022: Biden's attorney reveals aides found a second set of classified documents in the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware, home.

· Jan. 20: FBI conducts a day-long search of Biden’s Wilmington residence, resulting in the recovery of six additional items with classification markings.

These are potentially breaking federal laws governing top secret information. All of this is of course down played by the deep state news media. When one starts to compare the history of plagiarism with the history of absconding with classified documents there is the beginning of a strange pattern. While these two sets of events do not necessarily have any direct connections, together, they represent an attitude towards functioning as a government official that has zero respect for the law.

Perhaps the overriding principle is that Crooked Joe Biden has always been about gaining whatever advantage he can in order to hold on to power.

So, while the rest of the deep state news media continues to breathlessly report the indictment against President Trump, we are not fooled. The real news is the further disclosure of ever more corruption by the Crooked Joe Biden crime family. This news is just the latest drop in a growing trickle of damning evidence against him. Nothing will really change though until the American people speak out in one loud voice against his criminality.




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