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The many folks who don’t make it to Prospect, CT on a given Sunday are missing one helluva time. It is highly recommended that, instead, you mark your calendars for Sundays, 12-3 pm near the town hall in Prospect, CT. This Sunday, September 5, 2021, marked the 44th consecutive rally they have held to remind the world that Trump Won. Their wild and wonderful celebration is made all the more poignant by the rapidly eroding faux-presidency of Joe Biden.

How can anyone stand there and not feel some vindication, as well as frustration and anger, with the immeasurable disaster he made out of Afghanistan? Yes, maybe they wave the flags a little harder, scream a little louder at passing traffic, and thank more strongly the people honking their support.

The group has stood at that spot through rain, heat, cold, snow, you name it, all these months. You have to admire them. It is a measure of their commitment to what can only be called fairness. The knowledge that this election was stolen from President Donald Trump may drive them. But talking with them, you quickly learn they have a larger world view that understands more than just the election.

To the incurious and uninformed, it can seem like a disconnected string of issues: Masks, vaccines, critical race theory, the cancel culture, the deep state, the Chinese Communist Party, the economy, and the elites, but it is clear that they are threads that form the tapestry of world events which we all have a responsibility to understand. Moving from one group to another, you cannot help but be impressed by the vigorous and passionate discussions.

If one were to step back for a moment, you realize there is a steady flow between the front and the back of the group. Those in front are waving flags talking to passersby. Those in the back are talking to each other, learning from each other and networking. But then, those in the back will work their way to front to go back to waving flags, and those in the front, go to the back to pick up where they left off in their conversations. They exchange apps, contact info, and tell each other about yet other groups. It is a remarkable process to observe, and it gives you hope.

Next week, they expect to set another record with the 45th consecutive rally. There will be more conversations. But more importantly, more people, many more people, need to come and share in this remarkable community. They understand the importance of keeping up the pressure, and keeping up the communication. To remind the otherwise unaware public that there are people who care about these issues does at least three things: 1) It gives heart to those who agree, but have not been able to figure out what to do about these problems, 2) The people who are still largely unaware are jolted awake by this loud, bright, colorful displays of flags and people waving to them. It makes them think. Just maybe, when they get home, they might do some searching on the internet and 3) To the remarkably small minority giving them the finger, and screaming incoherently, they have to deal with the fact that there are many people willing to stand out on the street and send the message they don’t like.

The word needs to spread. More people need to get involved politically. There are signs that it is starting to grow in Connecticut, but there is still a long way to go. Debbie’s Deplorables are an important part of the fight. If you love America, get to Prospect, CT and join them.

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