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A friend suggested that one of the features of the liberal mindset is that they assume everyone is good, and there is no such thing as an evil person. This is consistent with the constant invoking of the environment as the explanation or all our social ills. Murderer? Oh, just a bad childhood. Rapist? His momma didn’t raise him right. Genocidal tyrant? Oh, he was just misguided. He really had good intentions at heart.

This astonishing inability to recognize evil defines many of the failings of the Democrat party. Judges who are soft on crime, government officials who make policies for early release, and sentence reduction because it seems like the politically expedient thing to do is common.

A corollary is that if there is any evil to be ascribed, it is to be ascribed to “the system”. New York City’s no-bail system is a case in point. Democrat’s claim, the bail system is unfair to the economically disadvantaged. A disproportionate number are stuck in prison simply because they cannot raise the bail. Well, no sooner was this implemented, than criminals abused it. There was one case of an individual who robbed banks five times under this policy.

He would be released onto the street, go rob another bank, get caught, get processed, and get released back on to the street. Five times. Does this not show in sharp relief how utterly stupid and misguided liberals are when it comes to crime and the motivations of criminals?

Democrats won’t call themselves “evil-whisperers”. It doesn’t come across in exactly the right way to appear politically. However, it is the very pretense that drives their misguided belief in being able to reduce crime and make society a more just place in which to live. HOWEVER, the place where we are seeing this delusional arrogance on full display is the Taliban in Afghanistan. More than once, we have seen the Taliban bargain in bad faith. Why should this be any different? Yet that is exactly what the Biden regime believes.

Now, NOW, at a critical moment where the fate of possibly tens of thousands of Americans trapped in Afghanistan could turn on one mistake, you have Biden’s incompetent minions pretending they can reason with the Taliban. Oh, there’s no problem. If you treat an evil person as good, they will be good, right? All is this is sickeningly reminiscent of Chamberlain’s waving a paper in the air and saying “Peace in our time.” Only, this time, the paper is a “strongly worded” warning that the Taliban better play nice with everyone stuck in Afghanistan.

Evil-whisperers. Somehow, this looks like it is another misbegotten notion about to fall apart. The Taliban may have one name, but they are not unified. There are many factions, some much more violent than others, who will decide they are in charge and that must kill the infidels. Then what? Cynicism is entirely justified here. The cynic says this doesn’t end badly, it ends horribly. Whatever bottom in public approval the Biden regime has reached, they will break through and fall into a bottomless pit believing they can reason with evil.

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