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“Fascists!!!” Cry The Death Eaters - Op Ed.

America’s Death Eaters are in the air. Mika Brzezenski on MSNBC was pulling her own rhetorical stunts by constantly suggesting pro-lifers are somehow fascists. Hers is the same simple-minded and just plain wrong headed thinking that produces results opposite to what she expects. What, Mika? Roe v. Wade = “health freedom”? Perhaps on purpose, but you keep misstating your case by focusing on misleading beliefs.

Forget that overturning Roe V. Wade means sending decisions about abortion back to the states. Forget there are many states with already extremely liberal abortion laws. No, Death Eater Mika’s problem is that you pro-life meatheads are fascists. FAAASCISSSTS!!!

Death Eater Mika, you are behind the new trend with the rest of the killer crowd. In The Nation came an article with the alluring title “Abortion is Killing – and That’s OK!” by Sophie Lewis, radical feminist. Up until this article was written, the pro-choice crowd kept trying to soft pedal the murder of babies in the womb; It is a clump of cells, it feels no pain, there is no consciousness, it is not a person. They justified partial birth abortions, and even up to 30 days after birth. None of these positions fully acknowledged that all of this involved actual killing. The finality of that word. The clear association with murder.

It will take Death Eater Mika some time to catch up. Her particular take on killing should be noteworthy. After all, she is a communist. So, of course, she is going to scream fascist at those who are not communist. Makes a world of sense in her screwy world view. But wait, wait! Mika! The quintessential communist country was the Soviet Union. They thought baby killing was the thing to do. The average Soviet woman had an average of 8 eight abortions. What did it get them? A dying nation.

Put simple, a nation that limits abortion lives. A nation that promotes abortion dies. When you look at how abortion is treated in nations around the world, you will find that quite a few of them are far more stringent in prohibiting abortion. Nowthat the pro-baby murder crowd is forced to admit what they are really doing, the debate needs to shift to another discussion. Who should be allowed to bear children?

Many of the crazed women who have protested the overturning of Roe V. Wade clearly have serious emotional issues. Face it, some women are not fit to be mothers. Consider the women seen protesting while drenched in fake blood, tangled up in string and wrestling with a baby doll. Some brilliant message maker thought that would work. Wrong. Instead, it displays an attitude that has nothing to do with being conflicted over having children. Instead, it is a clear and pathological display of hatred for children, and hatred for life.

So, when will Death Eater Mika get over her name calling non sense and focus on crafting arguments against “forced life.” Frankly, this idea of a forced life will end up supporting the pro-life movement. Murder has always been abhorrent. Now that the pro-choice crowd is out in the open about murdering babies in the womb. It will become easier for more people to appreciate that murdering babies is not OK.


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