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Greenwich CT Politician - Meskers Mocks Yale Professors Field Of Expertise.

Yesterday, we emailed Jackie's Op Ed on vaccine injuries from Sunday’s Greenwich Sentinel to all elected House Representatives and Senators in Connecticut, along with Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo. We got an interesting response from Rep. Stephen Meskers of Greenwich, who happens to be running for re-election. He said the following about Dr. Harvey Risch, who fact-checked the article:

“The Dr in question is seriously misinformed and lacks credible standing outside his field of expertise.“

Why would Rep. Stephen Meskers who has a BA in Economics & and MBA Spanish foolishly and arrogantly challenge Dr. Risch’s field of expertise ?

Professor Risch‘s Field is in Epidemiology and he is also in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. He holds an MD degree from the University of California San Diego and PhD, in mathematical modeling of infectious epidemics, from the University of Chicago. You couldn’t ask for a more qualified person to fact check an article about infectious epidemic statistics. When Dr. Risch saw Meskers’ comment, he said, "My PhD is in mathematical modeling of infectious epidemics, and I have studied drug effects on disease risks for my whole career. Now, which part is outside of my expertise?” So why would Meskers attack Dr. Risch’s qualifications? If he disagreed with the findings, why not just ignore the email, and hit the delete button? Why would he attack a highly qualified, very well-respected epidemiologist who took the time to fact-check the article instead? Really makes you wonder.


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