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Greenwich CT - School Budget Skirmish Reveals Caustic Character

Disagreements and danders have flared during a few of Greenwich Connecticut's Board of Estimates and Taxation meetings as of late. Funding for proposals of public school buildings that have fallen into disrepair and the monies to either renovate existing buildings or erect entirely new structures have led to skirmishes and infighting from what seems to be political, personal and fiscal disagreements.

Town Democrats seems to be pushing for a larger and more expensive structure than what now exists (Central Middle School) citing the the current structure is insufficient to accommodate what they claim is growing local population. Republicans cite different metrics and are erring on the side of fiscal responsibility pressing efforts to keep local taxes under control which has been among one of the primary components that draws people to move to Greenwich.

This coming on the cusp in the wake of one of Greenwich's and even one of the nations wealthiest financiers Ray Dalio who recently placed his 50 acre property up for sale.

In the midst of it all The Town of Greenwich CMS building committee member Mr. Greg Piccininno of G Seven Conulting has proven himself to be a bit of an activist himself. While Mr. Piccininno seems to have expended a great deal of energy attempting to undermine and censure the character of Nisha Arora, Mr. Piccininno has also spent a great deal of time undermining his own character exemplified by his recent handy work on Twitter.

While Mr. Piccininno, (also followed by Greenwich's First Selectman Fred Camillo), seems to have made liberal use of his 1st amendment rights, it certainly calls into question wether this is the kind of character representative of the image the Town of Greenwich is ok with. If so, perhaps it's also why one of the public schools experiencing a back-flow of sewage and septic water has been an ongoing problem in one of its school buildings. What's also interesting is said sewage problem has yet to be mitigated. Fitting to be sure.

If a tree is know by it's fruit Greenwich Connecticut is conceivably the turd it's self-important lack luster proponents are attempting to polish. Perhaps a future career Mr. Piccininno should coinsider.

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