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Greenwich Public Schools - Who is making Health Policies ?

The Greenwich High School’s Athletics page includes covid-19 information for student athletes.

One of the items included on the page is from the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC). Apparently, all athletes registering for Fall Sports must review and agree to the Notice of Risks, Informed Consent and Waiver Regarding Interscholastic Sports During Covid-19. Students may not participate in Athletics without signed consent and waiver.

According to the rather lengthy waiver, “In signing below… We further understand that there may be risks to the Student associated with adhering to certain mitigation strategies recommended and/or required by DPH and required by the District, such as wearing a face covering mask that completely covers the nose and mouth, including during active play.”

"By opting to allow the Student to participate in Winter Sports, we agree that the Parents and the Student will abide by any such health and safety protocols that the District may require, such as requiring students to wear face covering masks that completely cover the nose and mouth (including during active play) and adhering to any quarantine periods required by the District.”

This seems a bit ominous in light of the NEA Teachers Union meeting last week where compulsory masking was proposed, along with Fauci’s new calls for indoor masking.

Additionally, student athletes who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last year are also required to submit a completed COVID-19 Return to Play Screening for Students form, which must be signed by the family primary care physician, in order to participate.

However, there is not a single mention about the very real risk of myocarditis for vaccinated athletes, especially boys. No additional testing is required to ensure heart health before participation in sports for vaccinated athletes. Even though vaccinated children have a five-fold increase in myocarditis.

We have repeatedly spoken about this issue at Greenwich Board of Education meetings, and we have written letters to the Board of Education, the Superintendent and the Head Nurse. We have cited the stories of the hundreds and hundreds of vaccinated athletes who have experienced heart attacks and/or died as a result of covid vaccination. Yet our efforts seem to have fallen on deaf ears... But why ignore the risk of post-vaccination myocarditis? Why not exercise a little extra caution in light of the known risk, and the fact that two adolescent boys in Connecticut already died from post-vaccination myocarditis? Wouldn’t it be better to be safe than sorry?

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