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He who controls the Doge ...

Self-regulation and self-government have been the Multim-Im-Parvo of western culture predicated on the idea, by many, that there is (or are) static (moral) principles intended to govern human beings. Hear me out..

Humans don't much like being told what to do accept it helps them navigate the shoals of this mortal condition to the extent when trouble occurs. And it's only when trouble occurs that we usually become voluntary adherents of long held traditions.

Humans unregulated or unguided by the long held tradition and precedent of "Do unto others.." has been the brick and mortar of modern civilization (so to speak). This isn't to say that there have been a certain class of people (or persons) among us who think that asserting control over others is a means to an end. Certainly these are the musings of people like tyrants. These people are those that abandoned the long held traditions in place of self interest over self regulation and self-control. Control over people, for all intents and purposes, happens only through consent and by it.

That said who then bridles governments, who themselves as the body politic, have thrown the concept of self government and self regulation on the ash-heap of "do as I say" ?

As the advent of the Black Mirror episode "Nosedive" begins to proliferate among the willing participants courtesy of (and no thanks to Covid-19), will in turn produce an emerging class of those who learn to and succeed in "bucking" the system. There have been and always will be people who would rather risk death than be told what to do. And what would be the endgame when "rulers" cease to have anyone to rule over ? Is AI as Musk alludes to, destined to humble even the mightiest among us? AI apparently can and will evolve the question is will AI, like humans be driven by self governing principles, and can AI learn the finer points of wisdom, empathy, compassion ? Man has made machines in the image in likeness of himself. Will AI compete against itself in search of "perfection" ?

Money is an ontological concept, or construct (if you please). It does not exist in a "thing" or as a "thing" that is viscerally tangible but we see the effects of money all around us all the time.

As a practical means of exchange we primarily need electricity to harness the power of Crypto. We have succeeded in being able to harness the power of he sun which would appear to, according to Mr. Musk, be able to give us limitless supplies of electricity.

There is (or are) a limited number of Bitcoins and as supply becomes limited does not the control of said currency also become limited ? He who has the gold makes the rules ?

Dogecoin doesn't appear to be something that can be controlled by a single person because you can't hoard something that is limitless. Which begs the larger question of what seems to be endemic with respect to the paradigm of fiat currency.

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