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I cannot wear a mask. I look healthy to most people. I don’t carry an oxygen tank or ride a motorized scooter. I have no overt physical symptoms. But looks can be deceiving.

I cannot wear a face mask due to my medical condition. My medical condition started before the pandemic. I was hospitalized with an array of debilitating symptoms. The emergency room doctor’s diagnosis didn’t make sense, so I requested a second opinion from a Lyme-literate doctor.

The hospital declined to consider the Lyme doctor’s opinion. Instead, it recommended a drug which I had grave concerns about taking. I reiterated my desire for an alternate opinion, and refused the medication.

Much to my surprise, I was forcibly stabbed in the arm anyway. I was told that my refusal was overruled.

The medication caused crippling adverse effects, which I would later learn were entirely consistent with the informed consent warning provided by the drug manufacturer. Except I didn’t receive the package insert before I got shot. I received it after I got shot, after I suffered a bad reaction.

It didn’t matter to the people at the hospital, though. They just kept telling me “it’s for my health” as they knowingly forced this poison into my body every day until I was eventually released. It was a terrifying ordeal, as you might imagine.

By the way, it turns out I had Lyme disease and co-infections, as I had suspected. Thank God for second opinions. I am so grateful to be on the path toward wellness.

Unfortunately, though, I suffer from PTSD as a result of that experience. I never gave consent, let alone informed consent. Yet I continue to be haunted by this nightmare of forced medical interventions every single time someone pushes face masks on me.

Have you ever read the package warning on the masks commonly handed out in stores and schools? If you haven’t, you probably should. It tells you these masks don’t stop covid. Plus, one of my co-infections, babesia, induces “air hunger” which makes it feel as though I can never catch my breath. It’s caused by a parasite that eats the oxygen in red blood cells, resulting in light-headedness and dizziness. Masks make it really difficult to breathe with this condition, as you might imagine. At least 150 scientific articles demonstrate that masks are not only ineffective, but they can be dangerous for anyone, especially those who are forced to wear them daily, and those who suffer from chronic illnesses, like me.

So instead of a mask, I rely on my natural immune system, along with key nutritional supplements, to stay safe. It’s worked like a charm – I haven’t been sick once in the last two years, outside of the remaining Lyme symptoms, and I’ve never had covid.

But I’ve had to carry “my papers” with me everywhere I go. Sometimes I’ve had to show detailed information about my medical condition to perfect strangers, in violation of HIPAA, just so I can attend a Board of Education meeting or purchase groceries.

Masked shoppers have screamed obscenities at me for nearly two years, posted videos of me to social media, and told me in front of my children that “stupid a-holes like me are killing everyone” for not wearing a mask. Even though I’ve never had covid, or any covid symptoms, throughout the entire pandemic.

I’ve been banned by restaurants for not wearing a mask. Restaurants where people sit down and eat without masks, yet I have been told I am no longer welcome due to the severe risk “people like me” pose to society by walking unmasked from the front door to the table. Are you kidding me?

Yet here we are again today, with renewed face mask mandates across Connecticut, including Greenwich. Even though it’s clear this is a failed policy. Face masks have not stopped the spread of anything over the last two years, except smiles.

But they have caused a lot of resentment, political division and anguish. Not to mention mental illness and learning loss among children. It’s tantamount to child abuse.

The one size fits all approach doesn’t work for health care decisions, and mask mandates are causing more problems than they have solved.

It’s time to let We The People decide how to best protect ourselves.

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