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Incredible Time To Be Alive

While many local politicians, including First Selectman Fred Camillo, highlighted that, “Connecticut legislature already passed legislation” to ensure the abortion statute remains in Connecticut… we would like to point out that many people said the same thing about Roe v. Wade being “decided law" and they ended up being wrong. Connecticut abortion law is pretty radical. There is no parental notification requirement for any minor to have an abortion in our state. Non-doctors are allowed to perform abortions, which increases the risk for bad outcomes. There is no penalty for performing an illegal abortion in the state. And Connecticut even removed the word “woman” from state statutes! Connecticut lawmakers passed a bill to protect abortion seekers and providers from out-of-state lawsuits. That dovetails nicely with the companies that announced travel cost reimbursement for employees wishing to have abortions in other states, presumably like CT. Of course, as Tucker Carlson pointed out, it’s cheaper to have employees without children. Sadly, abortion is a profitable business. Did you realize that there is a market price for a fetus? And for individual organs? Or that the price is based on the age of the fetus, and that the price goes up the older the fetus? So while democrats like Matt Blumenthal lament about how yesterday was “a dark and terrible day” for our country and radical abortion activists and antifa thugs took to the streets for a “night of rage", we are left scratching our heads wondering what is so dark and terrible about protecting human life. Shouldn't all lives matter in the eyes of God? P.S. We have repeatedly asked First Selectman Fred Camillo to hold a Pro Life flag raising event at Town Hall to celebrate the sanctity of life. That said Camillo is refusing to reply to our request, despite holding other flag raising events at Town Hall. One has to wonder why.



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