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Is This Still America?

Maybe we got too comfortable. Many things were too good for a time. But it certainly seems that America has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. What has caused the change and, what can we do? Is it too late?

Traditional America has been diluted deliberately in two ways - the public school system and illegal immigration, and this has been going on for decades. As many know, our education system has been controlled by the left for a very long time. As a teacher in the largest school district in the world, I was telling people things going on in the classroom and people were just in denial. But as the frog slowly boiled, here we are. We can see the changes in American history but it’s all ovee. Kids don’t learn civics. They don’t understand the electoral college and they believe our founding fathers are racist and therefore anything they touched is bad. How did this happen?

I recall a time 20 years ago, when I was showing my fifth grade class a video about the life of Thomas Jefferson. This video was found by me in our school library. I found it very sad that my fifth grade students did not know who Jefferson was until I introduced him. Things were going great during the film on Jefferson’s life. The kids were interested. We learned all these amazing things about Jefferson. He loved French food and playing the violin. The film showed us about his early life and his interest in paleontology. He loved fossils and dinosaurs (so did my students!). The kids were smiling and happy and proud of Jefferson, and then the film told us, slaves built Monticello. The kids looked at me and asked if Jefferson owned slaves. Yes. No matter that from his journals it was clear he despised slavery and searched for a way to eliminate it, the damage was done. While I don’t suggest removing parts of history or even sugar coating it, I know there’s a way to teach American history to kids that would make them proud to be American. I know it because I have done it. I have had classrooms full of kids from all over the world and by year’s end, they are crying during the Star Spangled Banner. But we don’t do this in classrooms in America for 25 years. That’s a large part of why the under 40 crowd thinks the way they do. Why? What purpose does it serve to have kids learn to hate America? For better or worse, the New York City curriculum has spread to the suburbs and across the nation.

The second cause of the change in America is illegal immigration which brings an inevitable cultural transformation. There is no requirement that the illegal immigrant assimilate. The children are placed into the public schools. The focus is on one’s “home” country, and that country is not America. In fact, if you identify as being American, you are pushed to pick the country of your parents or grandparents. While our children are learning about their “home” countries, they are not learning the truth about America’s history. This is especially true in the cities with a large immigrant population. They don’t know our history and they aren’t being taught it. They come from countries with large centralized governments and are used to government involved in every part of their lives. Schools are teaching that America achieved success, not by allowing people the freedom to dream and create, and rewarding them for their efforts, but by exploiting the poor and the downtrodden. And if you do achieve success in America, “You didn’t build that.” As a result, young Americans are being programmed to abandon traditional American values, and beliefs. It’s as if we announced that we have no culture of our own except for the principle of non-discrimination toward people of other cultures. Have we defined our own culture out of existence? Yes, we agree that people should be welcome to come to America, legally. But what are the motives? Could it be that the left has been moving entire populations of non-Americans across our border in an effort to overwhelm us, dilute us, and break us down?

In many ways this is not new information and many of us in 2022 can see clearly what is going on. Finally. At BOE meeting across America parents have questioning CRT, the teaching of the transgender agenda and social emotional learning, and recently even more attention. Unfortunately, at this point we cannot rest and assume someone will fight the battle. 20 years ago those of us warning people were called conspiracy theorists. Now we need to bravely speak up about teaching pride in America’s history and not allowing illegal immigration to continue. We need to stay on top of the schools and be involved. If you think you can’t recognize America now, it will get worse. It has gotten



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