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The drama is complicated. The players elusive. The facts transmogrify before your very eyes. It is the dance of lies that must hide the truth at all costs. The unfolding narrative about the Wuhan laboratory and the Covid-19 virus refuses to settle into one definitive explanation. Instead, we see the tortured twisting and bending of the so-called authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) where they keep crossing back and forth over the truth only very briefly and then veer off into the darkness, only to come back careening through the facts again.

It is as if these organizations suffer from a multiple personality disorder. They also suffer from a lack of managerial competence. This kind of erratic PR from them only spells gross ineptitude at every turn. The only reason they are still trusted is the because the mainstream media still props them up.

That Google, Facebook and others have used such incompetent organizations as the basis for censoring others shows the tough position they are in. They won’t be disavowing the CDC or WHO any time soon.

The Latest Insult

The latest insult is a one-two punch of the NIH deleting key viral data at the behest of Chinese authorities, while a researcher announced that he had recovered, from cloud storage, the data the NIH said they deleted. Jesse D. Bloom at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Seattle, WA) maintained that he recovered partial nucleotide sequences from the Google Cloud.

Some will find sweet irony in this disclosure, since Google has been a part of the effort to block posts and other inquiries as part of a PR campaign. Google, the truth, no matter what you do, has a way of finding its path to the sunlight. Mr. Bloom also pointed out that putting such data together is critical for any authoritative compilation of information for identifying patient zero.

It sounds weird, and it may be too convenient as well. How is it that within days of the announcement of the deletions, someone else finds the “deleted” information? Very weird. One can say nothing on the internet is every truly deleted. That may be true.

Still, this particular issue touches on a critically important question for any investigation about Covid-19. What is the true origin of this virus which has contributed to so many deaths around the world? If it turns out that the Wuhan laboratory had databases with the key sequence data for this virus, that is a burning hot smoking gun for the lab leak theory. Almost as bad, if the NIH had such data, where did it come from? It follows then that such information had to be eliminated as well if all traces could lead back to the Wuhan laboratory.

As such, this data is one more piece of the puzzle. There are the videos of Horseshoe bats in the Wuhan Laboratory. There are the emails about the problems with getting bit by these bats. There is the deepening evidence of US funding of this research. As all these pieces come together, the tissue of lies by the CDC, WHO, Google and others will be ripped to shreds and the naked truth will be there for all to see.

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