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Media Censorship, In Greenwich Connecticut

We received a lot of feedback on the story we shared a couple days ago about the 84-year-old man who died right after receiving a Covid booster shot.

Most people asked, “why haven’t I heard about this in the newspaper or on television?”

The answer is simple — media censorship.

It’s not because the media doesn’t know.

In fact, every newspaper at Greenwich had access to the story we wrote about that vaccine-related death. They all had access to the same free information that we had access to using the government’s database. And they even had the links to the VAERS report that we pretty much quoted verbatim, so it wouldn’t have taken very much effort at all to write a story.

Yet all three local papers refuse to undertake in this kind of journalism.

It's no different with the national media. However, Fox journalist John Roberts is finally asking the question since he’s experiencing chest pain after taking a booster shot. As Senator Ron Jonson pointed out, Roberts is not alone. In fact, the chart the Senator uses to show vaccine injuries is repeatedly censored by the media.

Why is that? Why is the media banning anyone who challenges the covid-19 narrative? Why do they only promote the CDC- and Big Pharma-endorsed view of the world?

There once was a time when the media was free from political bias...


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