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Op-Ed: Joe Biden: When Fraud Causes Death

The events in America and abroad since January 20th, 2021 raise a serious question which needs serious discussion. Despite the efforts of the mainstream media to deflect, deny and denigrate anything having to do with questions about the 2020 national election (and the special election in Georgia), these questions are not only not going away, they are drawing in closer and tighter on the mainstream media.

Since mid-April, there has been the development of a trajectory based on ever more damning evidence about election fraud in Arizona and Michigan. Georgia remains largely in the background, but it too could move centerstage. The sum total of these events and expected disclosures in the near future still serves as background to a much larger and more difficult question which needs to be asked: If Joe Biden is found to have won the 2020 presidential election fraudulently, how will he and those who work for him be held accountable for the death and destruction they have caused since January 20th?

Plausible deniability about the knowledge that such fraud was perpetrated will become an ever shrinking circle for Joe Biden. Only so many people can fall on the sword for him. There are many statutes, few ever used, involving fraud and assuming a federal office. Part of the challenge is that the jurisdiction for these statutes is limited to the District of Columbia. Washington, D.C. has its own set of laws with the laws associated with the U.S. Constitution being subsumed under them. While these statutes are supposed to provide remedies for fraud, in practice they do not. Worse than that, no judge or jury within that jurisdiction would ever consider such a case, regardless of its merits.

It does not matter how many dead cry out for justice. They are not going there. So, what will happen in a nation where Joe Biden’s fraud and the harm he has caused is obvious for everyone to see? One would think there would be a straight forward answer. But, no, we are talking about federal law, federal resources, all co-opted to protect the guilty.

Instead, a sustained and growing public outcry will be needed to provide enough pressure if there is ever to be justice for the victims of a fraudulent president. Even then, the results will remain in doubt right down to the last minute. Those protecting and covering up the fraud will use everything, do everything they can prevent justice for the innocent.



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