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The state house vote was 80-60 with 11 not voting. A few Democrats broke ranks, but it was a purely partisan vote to continue Gov. Lamont’s emergency powers. Facts showing the decline in number of cases, that ivermectin works better than the vaccines, and that it is no longer a pandemic, as well as the case for natural immunity are all ignored.So, what are we looking at? It’s simple. Political control. That’s it. You don’t have to look any further as to their motivations. It is the kind of one-sided Democrat political control that only extends the state of tragedy in which we exist. It is the tragedy of forcing people to have to quit their jobs, of closing even more small businesses, nurses walking off their jobs, teachers having to leave, and parents pulling their children out of the public schools. One can argue that Gov. Lamont has not enacted all the draconian measures such as in New York State. The point is that these emergency powers are an unnecessary burden. They get away with it because they continue to use a light touch.

Meantime, the state can be expected to stand behind Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate for private companies. Too bad Biden decided to put it off until December 8th. Connecticut will still work to gleefully ruin individual lives and small businesses.The mask and vaccine mandates are the biggest tragedy imposed on the people of Connecticut. The virtual tomes of evidence against these measures are treated by the Democrats, as if they don’t exist. Moreover, the narrative for vaccination continues to fall apart. This will be covered in an upcoming piece titled “The Natural Immunity Wars”.For some time now, many observers and critics have been scratching their heads over the monomaniacal demands for vaccination. Investigation of Pfizer, Moderna and others shows that the FDA has played a very one-sided game in regulatory review of these vaccines. The “rules” of emergency use authorization set lower standards for safety and efficacy. Those lower standards were met. Yes, 30,000 volunteers on a short-term test is a lower standard. This has produced a national tragedy of more vaccine deaths than all deaths from all other vaccines ever administered. That includes more long term and permanent damage to yet other recipients as well. But what do they do? Cover it up, play it down, do anything other than treat the bad news objectively.There is much more to say about this, but the point is that vaccination is not the only answer to covid-19.

The annoying part is that these answers, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, are old-line generic drugs with a long record of demonstrated safety. Yet, the biomedical authorities in America refuse to see the facts. As a result, Gov. Lamont refuses to see the truth along with them and the state legislature. So, we are back to the same point. If they refuse to account for these facts, then their decisions are political; i.e., holding on to political control, political power, the ability to control your lives.Yes, they have intentionally forgotten they work for us. It is amazing to see 80 people voting to say “We don’t want our jobs back.” Are they still getting paid while they do nothing? Yes. It is a tragedy with many faces and one name: The Connecticut Democrats.If the very concept of democracy is to be restored, then the “Democrats” must be removed from office. At least find other people who understand they are public servants, rather than serving their party and themselves.

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