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Overwhelming support for parental rights at Greenwich BOE

Prior to the Greenwich board of education meeting, about 100 supporters gathered outside. The group representing Indivisible Greenwich and Democrats had around 30 people; the crowd opposite swelled to over 120 people. Parking lots were full, and the Greenwich police department had at least 2 vehicles dispatched by the superintendent.

As 7 pm approached, the larger group approached the smaller group outside the school entrance. The group of about 30 chanted, "We support Dr. Jones!!" while holding signs: “Politicians Make Crappy Teachers. Keep the GOP Out of Our Schools.” and others.

One of the concerned parents commented later, "I believe that most teachers devote their time and work tirelessly to teach our kids to be free thinkers, and we are grateful to every single one of them.....unfortunately, Mr. Boland isn't the only educator....creating a disservice to our kids. There are more of them, and we want them OUT of our schools.

Here, a sign from a parental rights advocate.

Joe Solari's time was ceded to State Representative Kimberly Fiorello; she said, "I serve on the education committee up in Hartford and what I want folks to know, is that there is a trend that is moving away from parental rights....and it's coming up from Hartford. [The school board] is the body closest to the parents -- I urge you to listen to the needs of the parents."

Two chair members of the PTAC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee proudly spoke about their status from special to standing committee (via board vote); they said, "The DEI committee will partner with local PTAs to create programs, initiatives and events that allow for meaningful conversations and lead to clear actions for creating a truly inclusive environment." Many in the audience audibly scoffed at their comments. Nevertheless, their website, The Greenwich Culture Collective, is expected to offer content that "celebrates our multicultural community".

The overwhelming messages of the evening expressed disgust and exasperation with the school board for continuing to allow the likes of Jeremy Boland and other particular faculty to indoctrinate children with subtlety. People from across the political spectrum are surprised and outraged at curriculum materials as well -- much of which is sickeningly explicit. It is hoped that the board received these messages from parents and will take serious action---such as terminating any teacher or administrator found be promoting sexual or racial ideologies, that have no place in education.


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