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A review of the op-eds by Alma Rutger show a person with a highly polarized perception of Greenwich; that would be the liberal lens with all its cracks and flaws. Alma, you need to let ALL the light through, otherwise you suffer from a selective blindness that only impairs your writing.

Her attacks on the Greenwich Patriots and the recent “take over” of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee as part of a national movement only obscure and avoid discussion about the real reason driving some 1,000 people to have shown up and voted out those who are actually harming this town.

Then there's using Dan Quigley as some sort of cudgel against people who are fundamentally conservative is reminiscent of Prime Minister Trudeau-Castro. The message to Quigley and Trudeau-Castro is the same: Look out the window. You won’t like what you see, but the people you are calling “fringe” are in fact the base. YOU are the fringe clinging desperately to the last of your fraying political threads. Correct, when the last one snaps, you are done.

As Steve Bannon has suggested frequently, “We are the majority. It’s time we started acting like it”. I know that is hard for you to accept Alma. But that is because you are just a half-blind liberal stuck on the stupid of attacking Trump and MAGA. So, across the nation, conservatives are starting to act like it. But don’t worry, Alma, your fellow travelers are doing everything they can to fight back. Keep it up. We are taking names and numbers. They will be prosecuted for all the laws they break to keep imposing their liberal totalitarian world view on children. Liberals used to be about freedom. What happened to you?

Alma and her ilk have become more sclerotic, more dysfunctional in their world views. Critical race theory? Denying it’s Marxist is just ignorant. Social Justice? Same story. Attacking “MAGA” as somehow backwards and out of touch is just you taking another look in your mirror. The disregard for parents around the country, including Greenwich, who are fighting obvious propaganda tells people all they need to know. You have an agenda, you insist on pushing it, and you don’t care who you hurt.

A grandmother who picks up her grandchildren every day, who are kindergartners, reports they come home crying everyday over having to wear the masks. Good job, Alma; making children cry. Be proud.

In many ways, these “modern” Democrats are so stuck in the past that they accuse conservatives of their own flaws. It is your poor eyesight that prevents you from realizing who you are trying to punch. Fringe? Extremist? Some crazy minority? Nope, look again. It’s America. The first responders, the construction people, the truckers, the one’s who make the country the success it is. It is possible your political eyesight is permanently damaged. That would be a shame. There is so much about this country which is truly amazing and inspiring. Your half-blind rejection is a shame. That is why we say “Poor Alma, Poor, Poor Alma”…



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