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Safe? Did the FDA say that the Covid vaccines are safe? A safe vaccine is a function of what you measure. That means it is also NOT a measure of what you DO NOT measure. Well, courtesy of Tetyana P. Buzhdygan, et. al. (as in 11 other authors), they published a paper , Neurobiology of Disease 146(2020)105131, describing how the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 alters brain barrier function in both 2D cell culture and 3D cell culture models. Their findings suggest that when the spike protein binds to the endothelial cells of the blood brain barrier, this causes inflammation which can make the blood brain barrier “leaky”. What then can get into the brain is still an open question. The point is that inflammation of the endothelial cells makes it possible.

The greater concern is that the authors claim theirs is the first demonstration of this phenomena. That means the FDA failed to address this issue during safety evaluation of the Covid vaccines. We will be reaching out to the relevant parties for their response to this research finding. It would have been well within standard practices for animal model testing to investigate the impact on the blood brain barriers in mice or rats or other animals.

However, support for the paper’s findings may come from researchers at the University College London who reported in July 2020 of 43 cases of patients who experienced a range of neural problems including strokes and other issues. An important unanswered question is what role the spike protein would have played in causing these symptoms.

This suggests that the vaccine’s using mRNA have risks which have not been properly evaluated in formal safety studies. Yet, the evidence shows that the virus can cause brain damage as well. The critical unanswered question is this: Which carries a higher risk of damaging the blood brain barrier, the vaccine or the virus?


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