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Sen. Chris Murphy - Shilling With RINO's

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT). Remember him? He’s the genius who said the noise a gun makes is a safety feature. Yeah, that Senator Chris Murphy who is suddenly the point man in negotiations with Senator Cornyn (R-TX) over bipartisan legislation to further erode American’s second amendment rights.

The most outrageous part of this sham political dance is the rush to write legislation before the investigations around the shooting are finally completed. At the very least, the senators should be waiting for the toxicology report on the dead shooter.

Instead, we can see it coming down the road at full speed; wrong-headed, misguided legislation rushed through with no hearings, and little or no debate. Remember, we have an election coming up. You gotta look good, no matter how bad the legislation is.

While Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is sending Senator Cornyn as his proxy in this tragedy, he might want to double check all the things that Democrats cause but refuse to take responsibility for in situations like these.

  • Their ongoing and worsening failure to enforce existing gun laws.

  • The failure to see none of the proposals have any evidence they will work, if at all.

  • There are already hundreds of millions of guns in the population.

  • Criminals will be the very last to obey any gun law however oppressive or severe.

Worse than all of this, the point will eventually be made. The .scandal will eventually be revealed for all to see. A rapidly growing number of these mass shootings are connected, directly or indirectly to the drug cartels. These are the same drug cartels which Democrats have enriched with billions of dollars made on the illegal aliens crossing our country’s southern border.

McConnell, Cornyn, Murphy, Blumenthal stop pretending to solve the problem when you are only making it worse. That is, unless you really want it to get worse. All of these senators need to hear from us. It has to be by phone, by email, by snail mail, by street protests. It becomes our turn to be loud and insistent.

In addition, Uvalde is a repeat of the institutional failings of both the public school system and law enforcement seen every case where the shooter had severe psycho-emotional issues . There is NO EXCUSE for this tragedy. In fact, the decision by the Uvalde police department to refuse to cooperate with the investigation is a big red flag. They are clearly afraid more negative information will be uncovered and make them even more culpable in this tragedy.

Everyday, there is a new revelation. Only now is there public questioning about how he obtained $4,000-5,000 worth of guns and $1,600 worth of ammunition. Plus other expenses are believed to make the total some $9,000. He had a part time job, and no credit. So, senators, where did he get the money? Now come reports of him talking about someone who was his “uncle” who took him shooting. Also, senators, it is now disclosed that the school had 48 lockdowns in 2021. 48! If you senators are having trouble making the leap, we will do it for you. Uvalde is clearly a drug cartel town. How deeply infiltrated all the institutions of that town are by the drug cartels is what the FBI will have to scramble to cover up. Are you paying attention, senators?

Will the senators take any of this into account? Of course not. They only know how to make your life more dangerous and enable the criminals to kill even more children while making themselves look good in the news. Bet on it. So, again, it is up to you to speak out, and stay on their case.

Message to these craven senators: What you are doing is stupid, don’t do it.

What should they do? The reader is referred back to the four points earlier in this article. Instead, wisely cynical people understand Democrats need mass shooting so they can keep trolling for votes.

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