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Liz Cheney is as good a place to start as any. John Brennan, Rep. Schneider (D, IL-10) or any of the other mind-numbed lib-bots. The message is the same vague hiss about “extremism”. But Liz Cheney has made herself the extremist in the rotary circle that trafficks in wrong-headed blather that violates the rules of the road. Meantime, the mainstream media acts like a traffic cop encouraging her to go in the wrong direction and make it look safe and reasonable when she is about to become road kill.

Veering recklessly while going against the traffic, she has decided everyone else is the problem. She is blind to the insanity of her allegation that the GOP are all domestic terrorists. Below is one analysis of recent events.

A Rough Timeline:

The rough timeline follows a series of one-sided pronouncements, each more “extreme” than the other until you finally arrive at a point that says “Anyone who disagrees with us is a domestic terrorist.” This kind of unbalanced claim only supports the observation that they are afraid of the American people. It is an obvious psycho-emotional product of the awareness they stole the election from President Trump. The more you feel cornered, the more you act irrationally, Liz.

Liz needs to get a clue. Everyone else knows she is going in the wrong direction. Polls show that Americans recognize far more damage was done by Antifa and BLM during 2020 than any conservative groups they fantasize. Moreover, it is self-evident. The Capitol was not burned down, there wasn’t random violence in the street, there wasn’t even attacks on local businesses. So, where is the terrorism? Where are the “extremists”? It is worth noting that the more evidence there is that antifa was causing the trouble, and that the capitol police were somehow involved, the more extreme these comments accusing conservatives have become.

The “Extremism” Netherworld

The law, stated clearly, expects a written allegation connected to some statute where the accused can confront their accuser. Instead, their charges of extremism and domestic terrorism are intentionally vague and intentionally destructive. But who is Liz and her blood sucking minions really after? The short answer is ANYONE who disagrees with her side. Her call for a federal investigation of anyone who questions the election results is just one more jerk on the wheel of her car as she careens around the rotary circle.

That these “charges” are part of a netherworld can be seen in the fact that no official statement has been issued. Instead, these are threats and proposals as part of a strategy of unrestricted information warfare.

This netherworld is also composed of deceit, misdirection, and yes, misinformation. Sunlight is called the best disinfectant. It also dispels the poor lighting of a netherworld. So, it is a sad comment on Liz Cheney and her ilk, that they have to engage in obviously false fear-mongering. Newsflash, Liz, the American people are not buying it. That you should accuse law-abiding Americans, who love this country, would function as crazed extremists from antifa and BLM shows just how biased and one-sided you really are.

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