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Opinion Editorial:

The obituary may read one of two ways: 1) Democrats, masquerading as physicians who believed they knew what they were doing, infected Connecticut with toxic and fatal “ideas”, or 2) Cause of death unknown.

The coroner’s report was complicated by the fact that Connecticut’s was a long and lingering death. He reflected on the extensive list of symptoms and failed treatments, and finally decided it was an accidental death. The body politic was cremated immediately to destroy all evidence of harm.

Bereaved family members were furious. “We know the so-called doctors killed Connecticut. It was NOT an accidental death. It was malicious and incompetent political malpractice. Their refusal to listen to other doctors killed Connecticut.”

But What Killed Connecticut?

The one constant throughout Connecticut’s long illness was being attended by doctors from the United Democrat Socialist Hospital of Hartford (UDSHH). Despite the bad reputation and high death rates associated with that hospital system, Connecticut constantly chose them to be in charge of the state’s care for well over 30 years.

Critics of UDSHH pointed out that the level of capability and knowledge could reasonably be compared to 18th century medicine. Leeches, phrenologists, miasma therapy, and in the last days they relented and allowed a witch doctor.

Worst of all, UDSHH physicians insisted on a theory of Uneven Deprivation throughout the patient’s body as a reason for the poor health. The fact that other patients such as California, New York, and New Jersey, had worse cases of Uneven Deprivation and had a much better economic profile was ignored by the UDSHH physicians. Co-head Surgeon, Dr. Steve Cassano, claimed ”The conditions of those patients can’t be compared to with Connecticut’s case. This state is unique and we believe it is also uniquely susceptible to the ill effects of Uneven Deprivation. The clinical profile is 10% based biomarker 8-30g. At best, parts of the body are around 5%. We believe this proves Uneven Deprivation at a dangerously low level.” The other Co-Head Surgeon, Dr. Vahey concurred.

Dr. Kim Fiorello, a leading research physician from the Save Connecticut Hospital of Local Control produced copious amounts of data showing the UDSHH physicians arguments to be completely baseless, false, and destructive. Following review of the proposed therapeutic protocols for Uneven Deprivation, she noted, “There is no real fit between the diagnosis and the proposed therapies, though the UDSHH physicians argue otherwise. The combined effects of these protocols will severely damage the body’s policing function, destroy networks of communication among key centers in the body, and eliminate stabilizing homeostatic functions. The net effect will kill patient. The only question is when.” As usual, the UDSHH physicians rejected her analysis without comment.

The Last Days

In a private meeting a few days before Connecticut died, Drs. Cassano and Vahey had a moment of clarity which quickly vanished from future discussions. A whistleblower was able to obtain a transcript of the meeting.

Cassano: “Experimental Therapy SB1024 is risky. Homeostasis means there is a complex balance of systems of control which are both diffuse and centralized. Upset the balance of control and you may kill the patient.”

Vahey: “Well, we know only so much about how diffuse and central control systems interact optimally. There is no clear thinking on the theory of Uneven Deprivation with respect homeostasis. Now, we believe that greater cellular density in the body’s highest activity centers can overcome Uneven Deprivation. What if it fails?

Cassano: “I believe that creating conditions in the body which favor the proliferation of realdev cells will overcome the effects of Uneven Deprivation.”

Vahey: “Despite the unpredictable nature of realdev cells, you may be right.”

They Decide On The Final Procedure That Kills Connecticut.

The final step was to go before the hospital’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) to make their case for the experimental therapy. The IRB was divided on the suitability of SB1024. One member asked “Aren’t you worried about the impacts of SB1024 on the body’s policing function?” Dr. Vahey responded by saying “By controlling the dosage level, we believe we have accounted for risk to the policing function.” Another asked, “Couldn’t this procedure have the reverse effect and cause serious depopulation?” Dr. Cassano countered by saying that careful analysis by DesegregateCT predicted a positive prosperity profile. They demonstrated that higher cellular density was key to recovery. Yet another member of the board noted “Increased cellular density was attributed to causing economic blockages and local necrosis.”

The debate with the IRB went on for several hours. Despite their reservations, the serious condition of the patient influenced their decision to approve SB1024.

The final procedure, SB1024, involved multiple steps: 1) Injection of a very high level of a chemotherapeutic agent to kill P&D cells, 2) A brain implant of P-D neurons, and 3) Injection of an experimental hormone to stimulate release of realdev cells.

For the first several months, the patient seemed to stabilize. There was no evidence of any significant changes. But then the same process of progressive decline continued to degrade the patient’s economic profile. Some clinical markers seemed to accelerate. The weight loss through population decline was irreversible. This was followed by significant loss of blood pressure until finally there was heart failure, and Connecticut died.

The Autopsy

Family members demanded an autopsy and hired their own investigators to determinate what really happened. Besides all the failed and discredited theories of treatment for Uneven Deprivation (e.g., Urban Renewal, and Sweat Equity Programs), investigators found five probable or contributing causes of death:

1. Overbleeding (overtaxation) with leeches

2. Failure to excise the unionoma tumor deeply embedded in Hartford

3. Over-reliance on untested treatments for Uneven Deprivation

4. Misapplication of social learning for public education

5. Atherosclerosis induced by over-regulation and misapplied spending

Recent research on human decomposition from Australia showed that bodies appeared to still move after death. Sequences of photos taken every 30 minutes demonstrated this effect. Connecticut is dead, they just don’t know it yet.

Dr. Fiorello was asked “If the UDSHH physicians had exercised proper judgement, could they have saved Connecticut?”

She paused and thought for a moment and the and said “Though the coroner’s report ruled it was an accidental death, the ongoing malpractice of the UDSHH physicians require closer examination. They should not be exonerated by a determination which does not fit the facts of the case.”

“Could they have exercised proper judgement?”, she repeated.

Sadly, looking out a window, she said, “I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

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