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The suggestion that American’s own domestic news media not only hates America but all that it stands for, aka Western values, is more alarming than it appears. Take the case of Bloomberg accidentally reporting that Russia had just invaded Ukraine. The news organizations excuse was that they have all sorts of pre-made headlines ready to go, and some lowly underling who doesn’t know any better went ahead and posted it. We don’t buy it.

Instead, this was a test of public reaction. This was in the same spirit as the radio transmission of the War of the Worlds in October 1938 that caused panic across the nation. America’s news media stopped being about news a very long time ago. Recall two simple facts. First, the CIA places journalists in leading newspapers for the purpose of sending out their version of misinformation to shape public opinion. The second is that under the Obama administration, barriers to propagandizing the American public were removed by Congress. In other words, it is not OFFICIALLY ok to lie to you, the American public and in any way and to any degree that suits the purposes of the government. And they do not always align with the interests of Americans.

Mistakes. Lies. Yes, the line between them can be blurred just as Bloomberg did. That Bloomberg was ok, in its heart of hearts, with publishing such inflammatory false information makes clear they too hate this country. The insight seems like a stretch. But consider the consequences. Who benefits from such “misinformation”? Clearly, the government benefits. The same government which is free to propagandize you and me. That said, they would still want to know what the general disposition of the American public is with respect to such information. So, the “accidental” release of such a headline is as good a gauge as any of whether or not Americans support fighting such an invasion.

The damage is done. So, what did they learn? The polling results are still pending, but prior polls show that Americans are not that concerned. Nor do Americans favor sending troops over there. The same screwed up Biden administration that did the worst possible job with Afghanistan is now going to be entrusted with proper management of our military in a fight with Russia? The same Russia, which, by the way, just formed a new pact with Red China to work even more closely together to cancel out Western interests around the world. The geopolitical significance of this pact is still sinking in for most people. A geopolitically savvy person like Steve Bannon was almost pounding the desk the other day over this development.

The links, for example, between China and the Ukraine may not be obvious. The formation of a pact with Russia completely alters the West’s calculus. Do not expect any support or help from the fellow travelers, placed by the CIA and otherwise, at the nation’s leading newspapers. Instead, you can count on some pretty clever and subtle propaganda only designed to confuse and mislead the American public. It’s what they do best.

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