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The Nashville Pile On

The liberal media never disappoints. They have displayed all the worst instincts for encouraging future copy cat crimes over the Nashville shooting. If these liberal media moguls were mindful, they would stop the Nashville Pile On. There was not one detail they would leave uncovered. The videos, the phone calls, the pictures of the distraught parents, the pictures of the victims, the shooter. Any little piece of information they could put out they did immediately and repeatedly and with gusto.

It's textbook. They do it every time. The ongoing complaints by more sensible people still get ignored because of the relentless greed and competition by the liberal media. Moreover, in this particular case, there was the belated realization that this killer was not a conservative, not a white supremacist, not any of the required people that fit the narrow media profile of their expected mass murderer. So, after this orgy of media reporting, they started to realize the error of their ways. Transgender killer? Ooops, we don’t want to cover that. Well, too late guys.

Once the liberal media piles on like this, it creates its own momentum. It is the kind of loud, expansive attention that copy cat killers thrive on and the liberal media still doesn’t get it. To add to the drama, now the liberal media has to play stupid, and law enforcements dutifully complies. Motive? Weellll, we are not so sure about the motive. Yes, she went to the school there. Yes, it’s Christian and she’s not. But we really don’t see a motive yet.

Well then, that leaves one thing. The manifesto written by the dead killer.

Some media have noted that in the past, where shooters left behind manifestos, they were released immediately by the police to the public. But for some strange reason, not this time. Why? There could be any number of possible explanations. But the Nashville Police remain silent on this. You would think there would be some cautionary note, or other explanation. Instead there is silence. Is it a reasonable explanation or something more nefarious?

By the time this article is published, the manifesto will likely be released to the public. The excuse given so far is that the FBI wanted the first crack so its experts on human psychology could analyze her writings. They claim to have their most brilliant experts devoted to gaining every last ounce of insight they can before letting everyone else read it. Too bad the FBI won’t pit their best against the public. I know, I know, “sources and methods”. We hear it all the time.

Only because it can only be mentioned in passing at this point, this is another case of an individual who was being treated by a psychiatrist. A radio personality, Mark Simone, mentioned in passing that one of the medications she was taking had a warning that one of the “side effects” is that it could cause homicidal behavior. You mean like, mass murder? Is that the “motive”, is that the expectations?

An important lesson to be drawn from this tragedy is that the liberal media never learns. They are still stuck on stupid when it comes to the free for all reporting of salacious details. Higher ratings, higher ad revenues are all that matters. They further fail to grasp the impact of these stories on the public mind after the excitement has settled down. They refuse to take any responsibility for the impact of their coverage.

Fox News needs to be complemented for putting a much greater emphasis on the heroic efforts of the police and other first responders (Someone learned something from Uvalde). Plus they had a full discussion on this matter. The suggestions were sensible. Never release the name of killer. Never show pictures of the person, except for their dead body. However horrific, it needs to be downplayed.

So, let’s make a proposal. The next time a mass shotting occurs, the press limits coverage to one minute. That’s it. Also, the point should be made to the public that the media is intentionally limiting coverage to discourage future attention seeking mass murder. It is an important suggestion and it should be put into practice.




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