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The Need for Clarity and Objectivity

Take your pick. November 4th (as in what happened after the election), January 6th, or January 20th. These have marked the development of a story still without an ending. Additional punctuation marks in this story line include the stack of executive orders issued by the Chinese Viceroy, (X)iden; the confused threats issued by John Brennan & Co., the growing surge of illegal aliens at the border, and the phony impeachment trial. Don’t worry. There is much more to consider.

Certainly, the ongoing issues with the pandemic fill everyone’s day. There is the larger fight which is still being defined in many ways. The players are easily recognized: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and a significant group of pro-China, anti-American people of wealth and power often called “the elites”.

It is this lattermost group which is of the gravest concern. They don’t care about you, the “average American”. To them, you are just an economic unit, and eunuch, that builds their homes, fixes their plumbing and wiring, and then are expected to get out of their sight quickly. Yes, you, the Deplorable, because you are not them.

Yet they rule over you economically and politically. Is this right? Should people that despise you also control you? Or should they understand your role in the economy and respect it? I think we know the answer. So, what do we do? As of this writing, the person we have counted on for leadership is out of the picture. We are on our own, and we need to get together, iron out our differences in order to stop the slow and corrosive destruction of our beloved nation.

The coming months will involve many actions that conservatives must take. Right now we are outspent, and out organized. It is like the moment in WWII when America’s military was tiny and ill trained, not to mention poorly equipped. What has happened is, in many ways, worse than Pearl Harbor.

The CCP has had some 30 plus years to figure out the American system and how to compromise it for their own purposes. Do not be confused. The CCP is the enemy, not a “competitor”, that seeks the destruction of America. Destruction is a funny word here. It is not about knocking down buildings. It is much more subtle and pervasive. This enemy has penetrated more deeply, and compromised more individuals and institutions than any foreign nation in our history.

Besides the elites, you have a CCP-compliant “mainstream media” that misinforms the public so that we do not focus on the real problems. So long as we still have a first amendment, we will do all we can to inform the public and take appropriate action.

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