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Communism will only take root in America by the use of extensive deception. The lies that need to be told must be broad and deep. These lies must poison the very heart of the American system. In this case, the American health care system.The predictable efficiency with which covid “variants” have shown up is highly suspicious. First it was “delta”, then “mu” and now “lamda”, though these last two have fallen off the left wing media’s radar for now. The fact that there is no commercial, FDA approved diagnostic test for the “delta” covid should alert people to the phony nature of this “virus”. The public should also be alerted to the fact that on September 17, 2021, the FDA officially withdrew Emergency Use Authorization for the PCR tests used to diagnose patient’s samples. The FDA declared the PCR tests are incapable of distinguishing between flu viruses and covid. The implications are still sinking in. When realized, the nation will see the full deception. The problem with the PCR tests, aside from the debate over testing cycles, is that they NEVER worked. All those news accounts of positive cases have been total frauds.But none of this has stopped the left wing media to continue reporting about “surges” in cases. If you have patients showing up with symptoms, it is something other than covid. The fact that two devastating things have happened: No commercial test for delta, and the FDA’s withdrawal of EUA should be death blows to the whole dishonest enterprise of covid diagnostics. If you can’t diagnose, how do you know what disease you have?

The PCR Mystery Continues

Presumably, the identity of a variant defined as a change in a nucleotide sequence. A first step is to perform the genetic sequencing operations needed to find the particular sequence. Once that is done, it is equally presumable that a PCR test “could” be made from that mutation sequence and used to perform a diagnostic test.There is just one problem. As noted above, there exists NO commercial, federally approved test for the delta variant everyone is screaming about. It raises questions about how the spread of the delta is really determined and known. These questions remain unanswered.This dishonesty has been the cornerstone of the tyrannical imposition of unconstitutional emergency powers. Without the ability to claim the existence of a disease, there is no basis for emergency powers. So, what is left? What is left is the next variant: Communism.

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