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The Transgender Agenda - Why are People Complying?

The Transgender Agenda – Part 1 – Why are People Complying?

The other day as I was scrolling through social media, I came across a post of a “friend”, who I thought was logical and intelligent. This person had a screenshot of that Apple emoji of the pregnant man side by side with a picture of her son (or daughter?) announcing that her son was actually a she. This “friend” was thrilled that Apple was recognizing that (in her words), “Anyone can become a birthing person regardless of their born gender”. And, she was so proud and very much looking forward to becoming a grandmother someday. The post was filled with comments like, “My daughter is trans too!”. “I’m so happy for you and your family.”. “Great job Mom!”. Etc. I didn’t comment. I might “misgender” her son (or daughter?). On and on people gleefully shared their stories of how tolerant they were because their kids were trans, and how they encouraged their own children to be gender fluid, and what a good mom she was for being so tolerant. (I will say that I am glad my parents did not encourage me to have a sex change operation or take hormone blockers when I went through my tomboy stage.).

I closed my social media for the night thinking people can’t really believe men can have babies. Little did I realize just how out of control the transgender agenda was becoming. The very next day a 10 year old student asked me how many genders there were. “Two.” I replied. Another teacher overheard this short dialogue and warned me that that wasn’t an acceptable answer anymore. In fact, I should watch it if I want to keep my job. I didn’t doubt it.

Yes, the gender fluidity conversation has been going on for a few years but it has really taken off lately. In fact, the conversation about biological sex versus gender has been going on for decades as an area of academic research. Still, I didn’t think people would fall for this. Of course there’s only two genders. I mean who’s going to argue with that? But now, teachers in public schools across America start the school year asking kids to pick their pronouns. There are safe spaces for trans kids and you better not “bully” a kid who is trans. So I had to ask myself, Why? Why are people complying? Does it have to do with more than fear? And why are we being deliberately and/or forcefully told to comply with things that we know make no sense?

Let’s start with why people are complying. You see it all the time. Our very own peers are so afraid of being labeled racist, homophobic, transphobic, that they take any opportunity to put it out there that they are not those terrible things. This is virtue-signaling at our expense. At times they will use themselves or their family members to push this point. “My daughter is married to a black man, so I can’t be racist.” “My best friend is gay so I’m not homophobic.” “My son is gender-fluid and I love and support his choices, so I can’t be transphobic.”. Fair enough. No one said you were racist, homophobic or transphobic. Still, it’s as if they are saying, “Leave me alone.” It is a subconscious desire to not have the spotlight shined on their own inner thoughts. It doesn’t need to be said. People don’t want to be questioned on these topics because society, the media, etc. punish people for these beliefs. I’m not joking. You can lose your job for being accused of being any of those. So they will take any opportunity to agree with the narrative, even now that the narrative has become, “Men can have babies.” How tolerant they are.

Another reason people comply is a desire to fit in, and not only fit in – to be praised for having the courage to “speak your truth.” Or, to be praised for being so “tolerant”, and that must make you a good person. When did people decide they need the media, or Hollywood, or the government to tell them what makes a “good” person? All of these concepts, tolerance and “being a good person”, are driven by a desire for “fairness”. We as individuals have an inborn sense of fairness. And that is how we are being manipulated. But even more sinister is the fact the you will be punished for not buying into the agenda.

So everyone complies and accepts the narrative. It’s the struggle Winston Smith faces in the book 1984, which we will discuss in part two of this article. Part two will look at, why are we being deliberately and/or forcefully told to comply with things that we know make no sense? Who’s behind this and what are they gaining?



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