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Tell The World. That is what people should be doing about it. The news about ever more revelations in this election audits is like watching Biden’s castle of electoral sand slip into the sea eventually. It was a sand castle built at the wrong time only to have the tide reverse and inexorably come in. Each wave of audit disclosures laps at the edge and takes away a little bit more of Biden’s castle – returned to where it belongs – the bottom of the sea.

The range of reports on the election in Arizona and the impacts it is having in other states, as well as the fights in Georgia and Michigan are beginning to shake the nation. The stalling by the Maricopa County election officials clearly had a motive, and it is not a good one. They continue to hide law-breaking on a scale that can only be called historic.

Wouldn’t that be a logical outcome? As election audits reveal fraud so extensive that it shows Trump won the election, what should the reaction be? How about Tell The World? That seems to be what is happening.

There is a case to be made that a parallel trend is quickly developing. It started at Yankee Stadium, then at Citifield, and then reports in Colorado…what next? They all involved the display of large flags declaring “Trump Won!” This is the first salvo from the deplorables ready to scream from coast to coast that Trump really got the most votes and carried more states an electoral college votes than Biden ever did.

There are two trend lines to draw. The first is the pattern of revelations developing with each report. They started with the now relatively mild cases of non-cooperation between Maricopa County election officials and Dominion. Then, like a great thundercloud threatening a storm, Mike Lindell rumbles over the horizon portending a biblical conflagration once the lawsuits begin.

It is also like a race. Groups in Michigan, Georgia and Arizona, each have their own groups who continue to provide more and more evidence of wrong doing by the democrats. Matthew Deperno has a lawsuit pending in Michigan in which he calls out 13 officials and accuses them of outright fraud. But his work doesn’t end there. There is a body of information that only damns the democrats all the more.

While that is going on, the suggestion that Georgia is the worst, the most corrupted of all the states only grows. The most recent is a report prepared by Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger’s staff. This report was completed in mid-November 2020. Yet it was not released until June. Why? Foot dragging, but more importantly, such behavior is only done by the extremely incompetent or the extremely guilty. The report contains some `100 bullet points in chronological order where witnesses described what they saw occurring around them. Raheem Kassam, publisher of The National Pulse, observed “Every (bullet) point is a thread.” Meantime, there is still the pending case where Ruby Freeman is expected to soon give a deposition under oath. Ms. Freeman was the one directing traffic in the infamous video of the “Georgia count”, where containers stuffed with apparent ballots were pulled out from under curtained tables after the press and observers were shooed out of the room on election night.

Many expected something would have come of that video. But the lawyers were stonewalled at every step in their mission to seek justice. Only now, as other motions have finally been accepted, is there any chance of justice in Georgia. Stay tuned.

Meantime, while Arizona may not match the scale of Georgia, it is still the cutting edge in the quest for justice. By the time this article is published, all the ballots should have been counted. Now, the question is: When do they issue their report? When we do find out if there was fraud or not? Most of the talk is about massive fraud. So, dear reader, the opportunity is now. You can create the momentum that gets the ball rolling on this critical issue. If the public remains silent in the face of massive fraud, it is fair to say this country is done. It is up to you to make your own Trump Won flags and signs, hit the streets, get people to form groups.



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