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UPDATE: Greenwich Assault On Teen High School Girl

The Social Media Burn

The latest details surrounding the assault on a High School Aged Female in Byram Park in Greenwich CT on Tuesday Night April 9 on or around 8:25pm based on a VIDEO circulating on Social media from what appears to currently be two black assailants ( a male & female)

According to our source it is alleged that the victim has suffered injury to hearing, bite marks, and maybe foot or ankle injuries.  As details unfold we will apprise our followers and listeners accordingly.

Local Press has reported the incident with what appears to be some trepidation with limited information.

First Selectman Fred Camillo released a statement today.

The Greenwich Police Department responded to a call at Byram Park at approximately 8:25 p.m. on Wednesday, April 9, 2024. The call reported a large assembly of juveniles and young adults congregating after the park’s regular hours. Upon dispersing the group, officers discovered a teenage girl who had fallen victim to an assault. She was promptly transported to a local hospital, receiving treatment for minor injuries. The gravity of the situation escalated when detectives ascertained that the assault had been recorded and the footage distributed across various social media platforms. This development has intensified the search for the perpetrators. In an effort to bolster the investigation, Greenwich Police are appealing to the public for assistance. Witnesses, or anyone with relevant information is encouraged to contact Detective John King at (203) 622-8052. The department emphasizes the critical role community collaboration plays in resolving such incidents.




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