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Vaccines - 53 Killed A Day in the U.S.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was updated through May 27, 2022.

Covid shots have killed at least 28,532, permanently-disabled 53,200, and injured another 1,287,593 Americans since December 2020.

That's an average of 53 deaths per day, 98 people getting permanently injured per day, and 2,380 adverse reactions per day from covid shots.

These shots have triggered 194,157 doctors office visits, 160,701 hospitalizations and 129,889 visits to urgent care centers. That’s nearly a half-million visits to medical professionals after vaccination, or about 898 visits per day!

Myocarditis accounts for 41,423 adverse event reports. This includes 69 events for children aged 5-11 years old and 2,115 events for children aged 12-18. By comparison, the flu shot resulted in 3 myocarditis events in children aged 5-11 and 15 myocarditis events for children aged 12-18 in all of the years of history stored in VAERS since 1990.

It turns out that a whopping 78% of the myocarditis reports are attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.

If we look at the number of myocarditis cases reported on an annual basis, we find that 24,072 were reported in 2021, that’s an average of 66 per day. And a total of 17,526 have been reported thus far in 2022, that’s an average of 120 myocarditis cases per day!

How on earth is FDA looking at boosting children when it should be looking at pulling these dangerous shots off the market instead?



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