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Will Biden Invoke Martial Law?

Has The Washing Post rumored Bidens plans for Martial law? I called this earlier this year predicated on the following;

  • Bidens approval numbers are in the toilet

  • Many believe the 2020 election was stolen and it would appear there is evidence mounting that suggests this is true.

  • The Democrats cannot win elections based on their merits any longer.

  • More Americans are becoming less confident in the economy.

  • Borders are out of control

  • Fuel prices are out of control.

  • Food and Fuel shortages could be a real thing by summers end.

  • Its an election year

Declaring Martial Law will almost certainly guarantee the total destruction of the U. S. Constitution as the declaration suspends all voting and all constitutional activity in the United States. Full stop. What does this mean For Americans? It means that expecting to bring about change through voting and or intellectual arguments is off the table.

That which the nation feared of Trump has come upon us with Joe Biden.

If this is true then we are about to take a huge leap backward into an undiscovered country and a complete dissolution of a nation.

God Help Us All.

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